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Help with CWD panel code please!

Hi! Could anyone help decode this CWD panel? I have searched previous posts but still can’t figure it out.

SE25 S1 TR 1L
PA 205
14 34128

Backstory: My daughter recently outgrew her 15.75 Pessoa AMO Jr. Her leg was too long for the flap. So we got her a used CWD 17" that she LOVES, but it’s just too big in the seat for her. She’s a slender, long-legged 5’2" and still rides ponies. The code for the 17" is: SE17 S2 TR 2L, PA 705 205, 13 21312.

I just found another CWD being advertised as a 16.5" and I’m trying to see if it would be a good fit for kid and pony, but I can’t decipher the panel code to compare the two saddles.

Any help would be appreciated!

SE25 is the model 2Gs

S1= 17" Seat
TR= Standard Tree
1L= Short flap, standard forwardness

PA 205 is your panel code. It’s 5m of fill from front to back to add lift- good for a TB type

14= year 2014

34128 is the serial number


SE17 is the model (OG 2G)

S2- 17.5" seat (This might be why it’s too big)
2L: Standard flap, standard forwardness

PA 705: 5mil taken out of the front shoulder area
PA 205: Same as above

13: Year 2013
21312= Serial number


Thank you! So you’re saying that our current saddle is actually a 17.5” and the one I’m looking at to buy is actually a 17”? So both are bigger than what I was told!! What code would indicate a 16.5”?

I wonder if the 2L vs 1L would make a big difference for my daughter—I don’t want to end up with a flap that’s too short.

I’d be happy to show a picture of her in her current saddle if you would be willing to give me your advice?

S0 is 16.5”

However measure the actual saddles. Some deep models in a 17” might actually ride like a 16.5”


Ex-Rep here!

SE25 - 2GS
TR - Semi Deep
1L - Flap size. Flaps on 2Gs are slightly more forward compared to your standard SE models. The 1L is a shorter and less forward than a 2L. If you’re worried about DD growing out of the saddle, I’d skip a 1L all together and go for a 2L.

205 - as someone mentioned above, 5mm of foam added to the entire panel. This is a good panel for something basic built with a more slender shoulder. The saddle is a 2014, so you will likely have panel compression anyway which means it’s not going to fit like a NEW 205 and is likely more open in front.

34128 is the serial.

On the other 2Gs saddle you currently have - the above poster is correct in her decoding. The SE17 was know for having a “too flexible” tree back in the day, they changed their mix up of the carbon fiber & plastic material in 2014 and created the SE25/26. The S2 is a 17.5 and the SE17s many times rode a little bigger because of the way the trees broke in.

The panel on the SE17 also likely rides much wider upfront. Again, accounting for the flexibility of the tree, the year, and an additional 5mm of foam removed for the shoulder area.

Semi-deep saddles often feel like they ride .5 smaller, and it was pretty often I could compensate for a flap by adjusting the seat in my riders that went in half deeps when they were between sizes.

I’d be happy to look at a picture of your daughter in both saddles, though the only real way to properly fit a saddle to both horse and rider is in motion. The entire position changes. So video would likely be best, though I understand some people are uncomfortable with that. So just make sure you have good pictures at the trot and such too!


Wow! Thank you so much–this is all incredibly helpful. I think neither the saddle we currently own nor the one I’m looking at is really the best fit. I’ll see if I can get a photo to upload.

OK–I think I successfully uploaded a photo. (I tried to upload several but the forum will only allow me to post one. Thank you!!!

A little hard to see from this angle, but looks like that flap size is ok but the seat is big.


I’d second IPEsq.

Hard angle to see.
However, from this particular angle the flap looks good but seat looks big.

She could also be riding up into the flap/forward part of the saddle because of the seat size.

If you can get your hands on one, I’d try a 17 2L or S1 2L.


Hey! Would you be able to compare these 2 saddles?
SE03 170 CC 2L
17 52468

SE03 170 CC 2L
PA 710 RT
14 28336

I know they are pretty much the same except for the PA ST RT and the 710… just curious how different theyd actaully be.

PA ST RT is a standard panel
PA 710 RT- 10mm shaved off the shoulder area

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This thread has been helpful, TY! Sent my CWD 2Gs to CWD for new flaps (stirrup leathers had rubbed large holes). Regrettably I did not take a picture of the flap code. Saddle returns from repair with wrong flaps! After much back-and-forth CWD [MM] finally admits they put 3C flaps on and mine were 3L. On work order CWD identifies my saddle as SE32053410. Does this mean anything about what saddle was??

CWD still does not have the new correct flaps in. MM repeatedly told me “flaps are correct” to numerous pictures showing mismatch. Only “just reread my email” and admitted wrong flaps when I got someone else (T. Bertrand) involved. No code on current (wrong) flaps… trying to figure out what my saddle was

I think that’s your model and serial number for the saddle. But the stamp that has all the codes is on the sweat flap…why would they take off and replace your sweat flap to fix holes in the main flap?

Their customer service is the worst these days. Took them over 3 months and 3 attempts to send me the right noseband (to match a new order, not even a repair situation).

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When I replaced the flaps (also had a hole in two year old saddle) the sweat flaps were also replaced, but had the stamp.

I am very happy with my current CWD. I bought it used but it’s holding up well.

Well I looked again, there this NO stamp on my sweat flap (they did not replace sweat flap). The 2 other CWD’s at barn do have stamp on sweat flap. Bought saddle new about 6 years ago…hum… curious if any other CWD mademoiselle’s are like this???

Getting ready to send my saddle back to CWD to again replace the flaps. They were so adamant in denying they put the wrong flaps on last time… don’t trust them now.

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Sorry for the late reply, I was at a large expo for work and am just catching up on stuff.

As an above poster mentioned, the PA 710 has 10 additional MM’s of foam removed from the shoulder area/front part of the saddle. The 710 saddles is also a 2014. The ST saddle is a 2017.

Just remember - these SE02s on the original trees did run a little wider.
So a 710 thats a 2014 would be quite wide.

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Do you have your OG receipt?
The order on that receipt should have all the info plus some.
It would look like a ton of numbers and letters, more than you posted above.

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No, I don’t. When I sent the saddle to CWD they sent me an order number but not specifics of the saddle. After I sent side by side pics of ‘before and after’ flap replacement they …finally… admitted to having put 3L flaps instead of 3L. Don’t understand why there is no stamp on the sweat flap

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Darn. That would be the only way to tell what it was originally.
Not that CWD office is helpful, but they should have the OG order in their system.
They should be able to find it for you (just unsure if they actually will :frowning: )

It is very odd they didn’t restamp the new flap.
They always used to do it.