Help with finding a stallion pick!

I have a AHS approved TB mare that is due to have a filly next year by Ellis. We plan to do a broodmare lease next year to a student of mine who is hoping to breed her to create a very nice event/jump horse.

I am a dressage breeder, so looking for some suggestions. prefer to stay with HANN to keep things easy.

What the mare brings to the table (she has had 3 colts) : Brain and brave!- beautiful head, clean throat latch, strong over the loin, correct front leg. she tends to pass on her hip, which is not horrible, as the rest she really lets the warmblood sire shine through.

What I would like to see a stallion help her with: longer neck, bigger bone and I look at FEET and what the stallion passes on with feet. The mare has not had a foal with poor feet thus far, but is a high/low upfront herself.

color doesn’t matter, but would be best to stick with AA type personality, willingness. Looking for stallions that might bring Holsten lines would be good for this mare. she takes fresh or frozen, and is the easiest horse to breed. She tends to produce in the 16.2 range, so we do not want a stallion that will reduce that size please. Not looking for hunter type stallions.

Confo photos, pedigree? What level for eventing/jumping?

Right now, my picks for TB mares with classic race conformation (temporarily disregarding your HAN preference, sorry) are Tatendrang (TK), Gatsby (GOV/OLD), and Quite Easy (HOL). Which one depends on the mare’s type. All three sire ammy-friendly, all three tend to fix up the hindquarters in mares and improve movement.

For purely Hanoverian, I’m watching some Sir Gregory horses near me - likely a familiar name to you since you’re a dressage breeder. I’ve seen three Sir Gregory x TB that I really liked and would have loved to have in my barn (eventer). Slightly related, I have a Sir James filly who is uncomplicated, willing, and just did her first ever XC course last week like she’d been jumping her whole life. Sir Donnerhall sired a couple of sons who do not kill the jump at all, SG and SJ among them.

How concerned are you about movement?

Right now, Diacontinus is hot with eventers. But I think he needs a special type of mare.

She is not your everyday, sprinter type TB. When she went to inspection AHS thought she was at least an F1 generation, if not a young warmblood.

Her first colt is actually by Sir Gregory, he added the neck and more knee. He took longer to develop but I do not think he added bone. He was sold to a super armature rider as a 3 year old.

not sure if that link will take you to her photo on our business page.

And here is her 2.5 year old (now 3.5 years old) Sir Gregory Colt

With the utmost deference to the AHS inspectors, if they thought that nice mare of yours was a F1 they need get more exposure to full grown TBs!

Your mare is lovely, but that’s what TBs look like once they’re fully mature and in an exceptional program as yours no doubt is. Your mare is a GC granddaughter (very common in race bred TBs these days) and he stamped consistently. Here is GC for reference:

His favorite son of mine (for sport) is a carbon copy:

Your mare has a common pedigree (common in the sense many of these stallions are in dirt and turf racing pedigrees - not common as in derisive). GC earned huge commercial success, as did Indian Charlie (Uncle Mo) and even Regal Classic – who was quite heavily used in NY and I saw many of his offspring at sales and end-of-meet listings. They made great eventers. From a racing standpoint, this is a pretty common assortment of well-known sires to feature on a page. Aragorn himself is as US-bred as they come despite the IRE tag - so don’t let anyone who isn’t experienced with TBs tell you your mare’s conformation is unusual among race horses.

Your mare has plenty of bone (for a TB) in her pedigree and it should be coming through, but one thing about your mare’s sire line is they can grow rather slow – but are very precocious from an early age.

With most modern WB stallions today you might find your mare’s bone matches theirs and you may have to breed back to a more heavy stud to get that ideal you’re looking for. TBs in the last 15-20 years have gotten quite big in frame and bone, in part thanks to a fair bit of linebreeding to common stallions that were not toothpick legged in any shape of the word. My Say Florida Sandy TB has thicker bone/substance than my Sir James filly – and she hasn’t had a TB in 6 generations.

You mentioned no hunter-type stallions, but Hanoverian has no shortage that can jump and cross well with TBs. Rubinero, Rubignon and Quaterback come to mind as stallions that add bone to TB mares and cross quite well.

Since you mentioned bone specifically, Jaguar Mail will add bone even to TB mares, but I don’t remember if he is approved Hanoverian.

It really depends on the end goal for this offspring. Upper level? You may want to consider a proven UL producer, like Windfall or Tatendrang (neither Hanoverian) - both pair exceptionally with TB mares. An all arounder who might clock Prelim at best? Consider stallions who have broad exposure to a lot of mares and seem to make good citizens - like Navarone, Belissmo M, Redwine, or Gatsby.


thank you so much for your insight! The stallion just needs to be HANN approved, doesn’t need to be HANN itself. As far hunter type, I should have clarified that I am not looking for daisy cutter type ( I came from QH world) and I am seeing this in warmbloods for breeding for hunters. I know her goal is upper level, and we are very open to learning either Trak, Dutch or Holst blood, as my knowledge is limited with these.

That’s fair. It may be worth it to have your friend watch YEH classes, watch recognized events and keep track of who they like, and more importantly who they wish they could ride. Those are the ones you find out the sires of.

Without your friend’s requirements and riding ability as a known quantity, it can be difficult to say.

For me, watching the YEH and watching shows local to me, my eye seems drawn to stallions sired by QdR, Gatsby and Tatendrang. But not everyone likes those rides, not everyone can ride them either.

You can’t get much more proven than Trakehners (Grafenstolz, Buddenbrock, Tatendrang, Windfall, E.H. Herzensdieb) for eventing - but if your friend can’t ride one, that’s a different story. Some of these stallions are also approved AHS – but not all of them.

I have a baby by Viscount (Hanoverian) Very happy with him, beautiful to look at, good conformation, great legs feet (as did mare though) good paces and easy going trainable temp. He was out of high % percent tb/wb mare.

Can’t comment on ridden yet as he is 2 but an all round nice guy at this stage

So right now Diacontinus is at the top of our list. What did you mean by saying you think he needs a special type of mare. can you elaborate?

If the goal is UL eventing, you cannot go wrong with a Trakehner stallion. There are several Trakehners stallions who have had successful careers in eventing and produced UL offspring. I would encourage you to explore getting your mare inspected with the American Trakehner Association if you’re interested in utilizing a Trakehner stallion. The ATA is the only Trakehner association in North America recognized by the German Trakehner Verband. I was not able to see the photos of your mare, but here are some examples of stallions you might consider looking at:

Cardinali (fresh/frozen) - currently competing Intermediate and about to move up to Advanced
Der Dante (fresh/frozen)- competed with Michael Jung and now in the US to be a mount for his adult ammy owner
E.H. Abendtanz (fresh/frozen) - new to the US this year, produced 2020 7yo World Champion at Le Lion (Sweetwaters Ziethen TSF) along with four approved sons
E.H. Herzensdieb (fresh/frozen) - while his offspring are typically steered towards dressage, he has produced eventers and scored a ‘9’ himself on XC at his SPT
Fast Foward (frozen) - only approved Windfall son in the world out of a Heraldik xx mare, currently starting his career with Boyd Martin
Halimey Go (frozen) - Premium stallion at licensing in Germany and was Champion of his 70-day SPT, competed through Adv level
Isselhook’s First Sight TSF (fresh/frozen) - top 10 finisher at Le Lion, now in the US competing at Intermediate
Songline (frozen) - competed through Intermediate and licensing Champion
Sweetwaters Ziethen TSF (frozen) - 2020 7yo Champion at Le Lion, competing at Intermediate level in Europe
Tatendrang (fresh/frozen) - competed through Adv, produced multiple successful offspring including Jon Holling’s mount Prophet
Stiletto (frozen) - competed Intermediate eventing and GP dressage, several approved sons and producer of UL eventers like Copycat Chole
Kros (frozen) - Champion of 100-day SPT, first and only horse to score ‘10’ at International Trakehenr Bundesturnier, competing at Intermediate/1.40m show jumping

Let me know if I can answer any questions about these boys or help connect you with the stallion owners.