Help with Finding Adult Re-Rider Friendly Lesson/Riding near San Pablo (Contra Costa County) CA

BASIC ISO: Riding facility with competent trainers and happy sound horses. Budget is flexible for the right instruction, but I’m also not looking at showing (right now) and really just want to get some horses back in my life.

BACKGROUND: Competitive teenage rider who grew up 3Day, switched to A Circuit H/J in my late teens/early adulthood. I still own my childhood heart horse, who is now 20 and am not looking at restarting him though confident he would excel back in work-- he’s happy where he’s at, I don’t want to move him (he’s in Sonoma County, I’m moving). Unfortunately, I hit a lot of speed bumps in early adulthood coupled with chronic illness. I haven’t ridden in a few years (regularly? probably since my early 20’s and I’m in my early 30’s).

I would love to find a lesson barn that is inclusive and easy going, but might have the opportunity to lease or show later down the line.

Thank you for any help :blush:

Try Graceland Equestrian Center on Crow Canyon Rd in Castro Valley. Either 580 or 680 will get you there pretty quickly. There’s also a lesson program at North Peak Equestrian in Walnut Creek. Both places have beautiful expansive facilities - Graceland is a little more focused on eventing, from what I can tell North Peak is a little more h/j.