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Help with hunter?

I’m moving to America from Australia and I’m planning on trying hunter or jumpers.
Just wanted any information about it.
Like what tack do I need?
What type of classes there are.
What type of horse is best.
How many classes you can enter in.
Any information is appreciated. :slight_smile:
Thanks :smiley:


Like what tack do I need?[/QUOTE]
For hunters, you will need a close contact saddle, fitted white saddle pad, girth, bridle with a plain noseband, and martingale.
For jumpers, you will need the same tack, with perhaps a running martingale, belly guard girth, or figure 8 noseband if you want/need any of that.

What type of classes there are.[/QUOTE]
There are tons of classes, it depends on the show. Hunters (judged on horse) is about smoothness, jumping style, movement, and overall look. There are classes for juniors (under 18), amateurs (over 18 but not working in the horse business) and professionals (over 18, working in the business) from heights as low as 18 inches to 4’6 feet. In the metric system that is 0.45m to 1.40m, so you can really go as low or as high as you want.

Jumpers are judged on the least number of rails down/refusals, then all who have the same number of faults are judged on speed. There are varying formats (some where there is a jump off, some where it is just 1 speed round) but that’s the general type. Jumpers go from about 0.50m to 1.60m, so again any height you want to do.

What type of horse is best.[/QUOTE]
For hunters, a slow moving, pretty horse that jumps in good form.
For jumpers, a horse that is fast and does not knock rails.

How many classes you can enter in.[/QUOTE]
There is no limit, it depends on height, horse, the show, etc.

If you want to show in the US it is probably best that you contact a trainer near where you are moving. They will help you find a suitable horse and answer any questions you have.