Help with saddle ID

My trainer bought me a Barnsby quite some time ago, and I need some help. I wanted to know what model saddle it is if possible, but I couldn’t find a way to contact Barnsby (seeing as they don’t make saddles anymore and the name was sold). The right stirrup bar is stamped M B3 6635 and the left flap is stamped B 7650. Stamped 17 for the seat and 3 for the tree. My left stirrup bar is not marked, nor is my right flap. It looks to be an all purpose but I’m not 100% sure. I want to know what I have in case I can find the same saddle in better condition, or a similar saddle. Mine is only schooling condition these days, I’m afraid!

The tough part of finding a Barnsby is even the same models are completely different. I’ve had several Miltons and they are totally different. I have two Schockemoels (sp?) and they look and fit nothing alike.

Contact Ideal Saddlery in the UK. They bought Barnsby, in all but the name. Plus James, who use to run Barnsby works there. If anyone can help you, it will be them.

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