Help with Seat Savers

I am going on a trip to Ireland! The riding part is 4-6 hours a day for 7 days. I am really excited for the ride but want to be able to enjoy walking around seeing the sites too;). I forsee a sore tushy even if the Outfitter’s saddle is comfortable.

What say ye COTH about seat savers: that you recommend, or use, or dont recommend?

Heather Moffett Seat Bone Saver. Expensive, but worth every penny. I bought one in 2013 to take on a 6 day trek in Iceland. Loved it, use it on my personal saddle at home now. I am going back to Iceland next month for a different 6 day trek. Of course I want my seat saver, but it has to be brand new to enter the country. I wasn’t going to get a new one, I am feeling very broke, but the thought of riding all day for a week make my fanny cry, lol. I can either re-sell it or a friend will get an amazing Christmas gift. Just Eqqus carries them.

I love my sheepskin saver. I debated getting one of the premade ones - JMS to be exact, but couldn’t find one that would work with my calvary saddle with stirrup leathers, no fenders. So, I bought a full sheepskin hide from ebay for $50 and ziptied it in place, trimmed the excess. Works great for me.

Thank you for the recommendations! Keep them coming.

PNW, I may be interested in your extra seat saver…will PM you. I laughed out loud, in commiseration, about your crying fanny:)

I was riding for a week in Ireland last month. The saddle I was given had seen much better days and at the end of the second day my seat was sore. Another rider, who had a better saddle, gave me his Cashel seat saver. It literally saved my butt! I was comfortable for the rest of the week.

Since it does rain, stay away from anything that will absorb too much water. The Cashel was perfect. I think it was gel. (At least it felt like gel.). It was made for an English saddle and weighed a bit more than it looked like it should. I am sorry that I can’t provide the exact model, as it wasn’t mine.

Definitely take a seat saver. This was the first riding trip where I actually needed one. Next time I will go prepared.

I have a Mattes sheepskin one that I got on Ebay for a steal. I love it!

Thank you Cothers, these are all good tips!

Kathy, Great point on the absorption issue. Glad that other rider could share his seat saver with you…that saddle sounded like a tush breaker:(

PNW, I sent you a PM.