Helping a cat through loss of his BFF

Mostly my catheads have functioned as a herd, add one, whatever, lose one, whatever, ok a little more than whatever, but they’ve all been ok except for one or two over the years and watching them grieve was heartbreaking.

I have another who is about to go through grief when I have his antique buddy PTS.

Any suggestions on getting him through it? I have other cats, but he doesn’t care for them. I joke that my old guy is The King. His buddy is SURE that he’s a God. I’d love to hear some ideas for easing his transition/acceptance.

Do cats find peace in being able to sniff/visit with the body of their departed friend, like horses and elephants? If you were having the euthanasia done at home that could be an option. Perhaps others have experience with this and can advise.

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I’ve had two put to sleep, the first was at home and the three I have now were able to see him and sniff him, but honestly they seemed to pay little attention.

The other was at the vet’s office and they didn’t see him but they didn’t even seem to notice his absence.

I’m sorry you’re facing this sad time. Hugs and jingles for you and your kitties. Give your guys a treat and a pat for me.

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Why wouldn’t it be an option? you can bring the cat back home for burial.