Helping a friend do due diligence re Carolyn Aarup / Dakota Winds, Ontario

I’m not a driving person (I’m dressage). A friend of mine is thinking of sending her mini to Carolyn Aarup / Dakota Winds in Meaford, Ontario (Owen Sound area, Grey County) for driving training (pleasure and possibly competition). I offered to help her do due diligence. Any experiences with this lady or friends who have had experiences with training with her? It’s probably better to PM me. Thanks very much in advance!
PS I should probably add that other recommendations would be welcome!

I know her quite well! I will PM you.

I’ve competed with her at Walnut Hill and follow her Facebook page where she documents a lot of her training. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. If I wanted to send new minis I got to someone to train instead of doing it myself, she would be the only choice for me, and that would involve a trip over the border!

The only other Canadian driver I know of is Jeffrey Kohler, though I’m not sure if he does training for outside people.

Not sure on Canadian geography, if Kirsten Brunner, Beaverwood Farms, is close enough to the friend to be a good choice. Kirsten is an excellent trainer of driving animals, nice personality, very professional in her approach to things. We have known her for years, meeting at CDEs over that time. I would love to have her train, just too far away and over the border for us.

Jeff does outside training. I know several people, from both sides of the border, that have had him train horses. He’s on FB and Instagram as well.

From what I have seen he does an excellent job and he is also, having cliniced with him, a very good teacher

I’ve taken lessons with both Carolyn Aarup and Kirsten Brunner, but have more knowledge of Carolyn at this point in time. Carolyn is an exceptional credit to the sport of driving as well as breeding, raising, and training miniature horses.

She’s kind and considerate of the horses she works with, is honest and transparent about her process, and would be the first person I’d send my mini to for basic driving training/breaking. I encourage you (or said friend) to follow her farm on Facebook, she regularly chronicles the work she puts into many (if not all) of the horses she has come in for training.

Kirsten is also very accomplished and capable, but to my knowledge, doesn’t specialize in the minis like Carolyn does.

Just my two cents!

Thank you everyone for your input! I’ve passed it on to my friend.