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Here in Vegas

Just thought I’d start a more recent one for people here. It’s 7 pm and we’re at Alexis Park. I’ve never seen it so disgusting here. The wind and sandstorm is so bad you can’t see anything.

I think we’re headed to Costco. We’re in 2111 if you’re trying to find me. Or you can call/text. Say something about COTH or who you are or I won’t reply. (510) 727-1571

Please! I’m from Vegas and played varsity tennis there. You have no idea how disgusting the weather can be. Hang in there, it could be much worse, like 110 degrees with the hot nasty wind.

It was awful leaving TM center today after finishing set up. We had to put stock back in our trailer and by the time I made it out to the car to leave I could taste the dust in my mouth.

I will be living in booth 702 for the next five days. Cross fingers I get to use my VIP ticket at least once.

Oh, I know it can be hot!

We’ll come see you tomorrow, Kalele. We can borrow your VIP if you’re not using them!! :slight_smile:

Just went through T @ M parking lot to check out how the tents are doing in this wind. Seems OK!

On the plane! See you this afternoon!

Is the trade show open to all, or do you need a ticket?

Is the wind expected to die down? Fly in tomorrow morning early. A friend said it was a wild ride flying in yesterday

It’s still windy. Turned out my horse, and just the walk there and back and I look like I belong in Mad Max…

I HOPE all you lucky Cothers keep us updated --for us poor commoners living vicariously through you. LOL, thanks for checking in.

I found Manni, Kalele (working LA Saddlerey booth), Laurierace, mbd and a a few others and we talked and hung for awhile. The tickets today allowed you to see anything all day. You DO need a ticket to get in the trade show.

I saw some of the jumpers and all of the dressage. Flirt and Undercover looked great. Fleetwood looked fabulous. It was nice to see Verdades in person. He seemed a bit tight, but OK. Legolas didn’t look bad, but still not looking as good as other behind except in piaffe/passage. Valegro looked great. It was REALLY interesting that Isabel and El Santo warmed up at the same time and she pretty much kept getting right into Charlotte’s space, and Charlotte kept doing her own thing and ignoring her.

Both horses were sporting tan pads and leg wraps as well as some of the other horses–must be the hot thing in Europe. Charlotte was sporting glossy brown boots. I notice a lot of super glossy black boots, too. And I think everyone was wearing a helmet.

It was cool to see Rosamunde in person. VERY impressive. We also got to see a preview of the quadrille.

We saw Laura Verdades and Debbie McDonald this morning out by the stables walking in. I should have gotten stopped them for some interview time then.

It’s clear today, but still windy and chillier than expected. The flight in won’t be as bad as yesterday. It’s too cold in the T @ M for my taste, so dressing in pants and a sweater is more comfortable.

Thank you for the T+M weather report. That will help with my packing.

It’s supposed to be getting warner every day. So far it’s been too chilly most of the time.

Thanks BTDT, Are photos allowed of the practice sessions? If so and maybe if any COTHER w/ a good camera and good position could get some photos of the shoes/hooves of the stars?? I have a hoof fetish and curiosity of the shoeing practices of these international horses. I think many others would be interested also. Have fun!!

Thanks for coming to say hi! If yesterday is any judge of what’s to come it looks like three straight 12 hour days for us!

Sorry we were unable to meet up yesterday. Between the fact that we arose at 1 a.m. Vegas time to catch our flight, the meet being pushed back due to the program, my friend feeling unwell, and our general exhaustion, we had to pass. Perhaps today? Posting from my phone, do not mean to be terse.

I didn’t go either and it was my event! I am done playing ringmaster, my number is 410-302-5660. Text me and tell me when and where

Living through you all. One of you do a photo blog. Snap snap!

I’m so jealous. I’m already planning the 2017 meetup in Tulsa! :lol: