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Hey everyone! New member here

Hello everyone! My name is Saqib Jamal, I am the manufacturing manager of JamKam Traders and co-founder of Cavalon. Our family has been in the equestrian equipment manufacturing business since 1995, and we’re proud suppliers to many renowned brands throughout the world. Our mission at Cavalon is to provide high quality bits at an affordable price and to develop innovative designs based on our experience, expertise and feedback from our customers. After being a long-time observer on this forum, I’m excited to finally join in, to learn, share my knowledge and engage in great discussions!

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:thinking: COTH likes pictures. Lots of pictures.
Of your horses mainly, but the stuff you make too.
Except not if you’re trying to sell to posters.
There’s a Classified section of COTH for that :wink:
Welcome to the BB :wave:


I bought one of your leather bits on eBay and it was torn on the surface in the first ride. Big thumbs down here for a single use! Leather is not supposed to be easily torn like that.

Hello Saqib!
I have been following your journey through the Facebook group No Bit-Shit. I am so excited to see you here! Lots of equestrians from all walks of life on here. I cannot wait for your restock! I have a bridle I need to build!


Did you contact them directly?

I’ve followed Saqib’s company for quite a while and that doesn’t seem like something that would happen with their products. I bet if you contacted them directly, and provided photos of what happened, they would work something out with you. He is honest and good.

No because I don’t want a replacement, the bit is garbage quality. Washed my hands of it.

I wasn’t saying you wanted a replacement. But getting a refund wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to ask. Something weird could have happened during production. Who knows? I just don’t see the point in trashing his company online if you chose not to remedy or even attempt to resolve the problem. Had you asked, like I said, he would have been willing to work with you. Now he may not.


Because I didn’t ask for a refund I’m not allowed to share my negative experience?

Seems truly bizarre stance.

I didn’t care enough to fight over a refund, just not that interested in chasing after companies.

Rode it in once and it’s damaged. That’s enough for me leave a review and the OP can do what he chooses with it. Not sure why you’re so defensive, I was just leaving an honest review. Scroll and roll if you don’t like it.

I don’t think it’s fair, to be honest. The damage you described is not normal, this sounds like a QC/production issue, IE a defect. You made no move to resolve it, instead just went straight to damaging reviews online. Don’t trash the entire company because of one defect.

I can have my opinion, and you can have yours.

Oh, and asking questions and supporting the manufacturer isn’t being “defensive.” I don’t think you gave the company a fair shot at fixing this problem, especially because I have not seen a single complaint otherwise of his leather bits.

I hope you have found a bit that works for your horse, and wish you the best.


How could you possibly know this? Do you work for them?

I also didn’t trash the company. I merely stated the issue and said big thumbs down. Bizarre response.

Ironically, I ordered two Cavalon bits just last week - still waiting for one to arrive (the one that was out of stock on the Cavalon site, so I had to order from a different shop!). The one that I ordered from Cavalon directly arrived very quickly, and I was pleased with the quality. The two horses I’ve ridden in it seem to like it, as well. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of the second bit, and trying others once they’ve been restocked.



Our leather bits are made of high-quality leather and have been thoroughly tested. We manufactured hundreds of the same bits for high-end brands in Europe without any incident, before launching it in the United States under Cavalon. That being said, just like any leather, they are not indestructible and there can be a myriad of reasons how and why it must have torn. I am so sorry you faced this issue and hope you can give us a second chance. Please reach out to me with your name, order ID and the platform you ordered from for a full refund.


I have to agree with @WildGooseChase. I think it’s incredibly poor form to not even attempt to resolve an issue and then bash a company online. It sounds like this is a small family company, and not some behemoth that deserves such treatment unwarranted. My two cents, of course.


Not only did you not attempt to get a refund, you didn’t attempt to alert them to a potential QC issue so that they could offer you a replacement or refund AND address a potential manufacturing issue. The bizarre stance is yours, I’m afraid.


I don’t find it that bizarre. Sometimes you buy a product that turns out to be crap, say “Oh well, I guess that was a waste of money” to yourself and move on with your life.

It’s not the consumer’s responsibility to do QC testing for a company. They should do QC on their manufacturing process and products themselves.

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I bought it on eBay and chalked it up to being a not quality item. Happens all the time when buying online from overseas. People post reviews here all the time just like this. There are countless threads full of comments way worse than mine lol I never bad mouthed the company just reviewed the bit I bought. Good grief
I’ve bought enough tack in my life to tell when something is a quality issue or a quality control issue. Unfortunately for me you get what you pay for.

I don’t work for Cavalon, but I have followed their entire decent into the US. I’ve watched him develop, produce and sell. Saqib is very active in certain forums on Facebook, he is VERY transparent, listens to his customer base, and even those who haven’t purchased from him.

I can say the damage you described is not normal, because I’ve never seen a leather bit break on first use. Ever.

I hope you saw his response to you. He is still willing to give you a full refund. I hope you take it.


At the risk of bumping this up and giving this poster a signal boost, shouldn’t this post be removed? The OP is very obviously a thinly veiled advertisement despite the valid discussion happening thereafter.

I agree. I tried to flag the original post, but it said the Mods had already reviewed it.

However, the posters who are saying good things about the products are long-time posters. We haven’t had any houseguests showing up just to give ringing endorsements.

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