Hey Mods! How about a sticky with all the stallion season auctions/info

As a breeder, this would be very helpful to see what auction dates are out there and what stallions are offered. TiA


Great idea! Here is what I know of - the AHS auction ends tomorrow (Sunday)

AHS/ARS - https://www.barnlog.com/auctions/2021AHS

NEDA - https://www.nedastallionauction.org/stallionauction/category/304/Stallions.html

KWPN - starts Feb 13th https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/50114/auctions/95790?r=1&t=all

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American Trakehner Association SSA runs from Feb 1-14 (10 AM CST). The ATA is the only Trakehner breeding association in North America affiliated with and backed by the Trakehner Verband in Germany!

SSA link: http://americantrakehner.com/Stallions/StallionAuction.asp

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Does anyone else find it irritating that these auctions don’t reveal the highest bid? If someone is bidding and another person bids higher, how is the original bidder to have a clue to where go with a bid? I just don’t understand why the high bid needs to be covert. Anyone else?

Here is the Canadian Connemara Pony Society auction!

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TrakehnerAssociation.com - click on 2021 Stallion Season Auction - some really nice Trakehners offered from TANA!

Can anyone post the GOV stallion season auction?