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High End Used Saddles

Pelham (& many other US shops) was very willing to sell me a saddle :yes:
but trial, nope :no: …
you buy it
we send it
you pay all shipping costs
if it doesn’t make it across the border, it’s on you (ie me)
if saddle doesn’t fit, you (ie me) sell it on

(but at least they considered me as a customer :lol: many US equestrian shops don’t conduct business outside the US, don’t do trials outside the continental US)

So yeah, I really appreciated Cori McGraw :)[/QUOTE]

Are you sure?
Even in Pelham Saddlerly web site you can read they have a 7 day trial for any saddle you want to try first.
Of course you have to pay shipping, it is to your convenience to try the saddle, not for them to cover that cost?

I am glad the one you worked with suited you so well.
That is good to know, for those that are looking.

My point was, others are also good, not many are scammers or just bad at business, as that one already mentioned, with a very similar name to the one you recommend, that seems to come up seriously lacking.

Unless they’ve changed their policy …
sadly they (& others like them) are not unreasonable in this, once I started shipping saddles, I understood … customs can take any where from 3 days to 2 weeks to process a saddle (my personal experience was 3-7 days, and that is based upon week days, weekends days don’t “count”) … it’s simply logistics.

Anyone know if Cori is still in business? When I try to go to their website, it goes to a very strange one. I live in Tucson and there are NO tack shops here; looking for a new saddle and struggling! Any help is appreciated!

Sadly a nice shout out for a tack shop is kind of lost in most of the posts/reposts about the bad tack shop.

I’ve sold 2 saddles using High End Used Saddles, they are the BEST!

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She isn’t still in business :cry:. But check out Goldfinch Fine Tack on Facebook. Rebecca will ship out of CO and has a great selection.

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