High(er) tech stirrups for plantar fasciitis problem

After decades of riding in a Fillis stirrup with a grit pad I am now looking at other higher tech options. I’ve had a long term plantar fasciitis problem in my right foot, but in the past it has never hurt when I ride. Now it hurts when I ride. I’ve got custom orthotics, just got the foot injected and am sleeping in an overnight brace. Medically I’m working on it. Now, I’m looking for a stirrup that may be kinder to my achy breaky foot. Anyone have a similar problem and what stirrup are you riding in? I’m looking at the Herm Sprenger 4S with an offset eye, but so far I haven’t hit the buy button. Other thoughts?

While I haven’t suffered from plantar fasciitis, I was getting some intense nerve pain in the ball of my foot with a traditional Fillis iron. I recently treated myself to the Jin Anatomic stirrup irons for an early Christmas and have had some longer rides in them without ANY discomfort which is huge. They are slightly angled front to back and have a right and left shaping. I’m pleased with them and would say they are worth a look.

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I have a pair of MDC Ultimates that I like a lot.

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If possible I would recommend trying various stirrups before buying. Ask people you know if they have a pair you test out.

One thing I have learned over the years that what one person (or their body) loves the next person says is torture to use when it comes to the various stirrup types.

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I use Lorenzini style and my husband rides in Freejumps.

I don’t get achy feet in either of them riding multiple horses a day. I don’t have plantar fasciitis but do get really sore feet by my third horse if I’m not using either stirrups.

Flex On’s are meant to be incredible for any type of pain. I keep tossing up whether to try a pair or not.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Broken Arrow, I looked at the Flex On’s and they look seriously drool worthy.

I suffered with PF for many years. What helped me was wearing BIrkenstocks ALL THE TIME. I was teaching so I could do that (except when I was riding of course, but I suffered after a whole day such as at a show).
I currently ride in 90 defree turned eye stirrups (not the expensive ones, they dont rotate), and these pads: https://www.tackroomonline.com/super-comfort-stirrup-iron-pads-set-of-2-467253.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAxKv_BRBdEiwAyd40N1eipN-p9krB7G8yLFojSCP5L59RVmG2JAA2sciyP9-TKM0GNWdUYxoCt-4QAvD_BwE

I just saw these stirrups on Facebook. Spring loaded not only under the foot but up at the eye as well! https://www.winderen.com/en/page/167/stirrups.html?utm_source=LovemediaFB&utm_medium=USA&fbclid=IwAR16TJHf3jWrAiZ9r8ITKmKojkE_HqPoLckr8h97t8394v8PH3WNggz5Hj8

I don’t have PF but I have peroneal tendon issues and the Jin stirrups (or the knockoffs) help me a LOT. The more solid, wider footbed ones seem to absorb more of the shock. Anything jointed or flexible, like the MDC/ herm sprenger ones are SO painful for me.

I got a pair of the Winderen stirrups for Christmas. I can’t comment on them because I haven’t ridden because it’s cold but I will comment on the quality and the company. The company is really awesome, firstly, my DH ordered a pair of the stirrups without telling me, I ordered a pair the very next day (for myself), the company instantly contacted me and let me know there was another order in already and asked if I needed the second order canceled, I said yes and they quickly canceled the order I made.

Stirrups arrived extremely quickly considering they come from overseas. They arrived in a nicely made wood box (dove tail joints and all), well packed and are beautiful. The stirrups look very well made. I can’t attest how they might help a foot issue, I got them because of knee and a hip issue.

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Looking forward to your report!!

In case this helps: I had killer plantar fasciitis a year ago, nothing was helping. Until I found Strutz, available at WalMart and Amazon. For $10, they basically cured my PF. I can’t even remember what the pain felt like, but I remember barely being able to walk sometimes.

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I had PF almost 25 years ago after a stint in a retail store. I managed to get a few steps in before the pain set in. every time I walked. A friend of mine who lived too far away sent me a pair of magnetic insoles. It was a cockamamie idea until I stuck them in my shoes. They worked. They actually got rid of the pain in a couple of weeks and it never came back.

I got Herm Sprenger 4-way stirrups back when they were the only ones available. They got rid of the pain in my hips and knees when I rode.

js, I too will be interested in your report!

OTTB, I will have to give the Strutz a try, as my $400 custom orthotic isn’t working.

walktrot, I’ll have to see if I can find a magnetic insole. Maybe they increase the circulation and help get rid of the inflamation and speed healing?

I have ordered a pair of MDC Ultimate stirrups that are scheduled to arrive today. I’ll see how they work. I’m getting them from Smartpak so they can be returned if necessary. The Herm Sprengers I thought to order are from Calevo and sending them back would be a pain, so that’s why I ordered the MDC from Smartpak. I have two horses/two saddles that I ride regularly, so unless I really love the MDC’s and want another pair, the quest is not over. Thanks everyone for their suggestions!

I have rheumatoid arthritis and have bad metatarsalgia/pain in the balls of my feet. I found some aluminum stirrups that looked regular but had a wider base. I padded them with a sanding sponge cut in half and glued to the tread. The effect was rather like an endurance stirrup. Not elegant but it worked very well for the winter (ie schooling) when my feet were really bad.

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Same here I had a real hard time with Plantar Fasciitis a few years back. I tried SO many things including numerous miracle shoe brands, orthotics and podiatrists. I also have neuropathy and my feet would burn terribly. No diabetes just nerve damage.

I am reluctant to take prescription medication and found CBD oil to be the most helpful for the Nueropathy and wear Vionic brand sneakers and shoes for work and daily wear. For the barn I wear rubber nurse mules (Hey brand from Walmart ) that cost $10 a pair. As soon as they make my feet ache I replace them. They are really comfortable and do not make my feet angry. At the barn I wear my Ariat paddocks or tall boots pretty much only to ride and then back in the mules.

I have just started with my wide foot bed MDC Sport Classics and the relief they provide is discernable not just for my traitorous feet but my bad knees. I did try the composite stirrups and did not love them, I like a heavier iron.

PF is so difficult because relief is so individual. I just had to try a lot of things to find out what worked for me. I can say that Icing and foot exercises/stretching is helpful across the board.

My Chiropractor does plantar fasciitis adjustments and that seems to help ward off flare ups.

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