High vis stuff for horse being ponied?

Hey all,

I plan on taking my two out this weekend, riding the old man and ponying the young lady, in an area that also allows hunting.

I have a blaze orange vest for myself, a breastplate/saddlepad/ear bonnet in blaze orange for the old man - but what do I put on the young lady being ponied? Do I even need anything if I am coated in the color?

I just get worried, and want to be as safe as possible.

you are probably fine with what you and your horse are wearing. You could braid in High Vis to the mane and wrap the halter and lead. Does she wear boots, if so high vis tape can finish the close

I will probably put her in woof brushing boots, I can use some orange electrical tape I have to close them, maybe wrap some on her halter too.

I’m going to Menards this evening for an unrelated thing, I’ll see if I can pick up some blaze orange duct tape.

Thank you!

It’s probably too late for this outing but Shires makes a lightweight mesh hi-vis quartersheet. You could easily use a surcingle to keep it on.

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That’s a great idea. I saw some sort of chest covering looking around, too. I’ll pick up the quartersheet, as I hope not to be ponying her for too too much longer, she’s close to being ready to be ridden out. :slight_smile: Thanks all!

I think there is never too much hi-vis stuff when riding during hunting season. So I too vote for - get that quarter sheet and add any other stuff you can find.

Check out stuff from england. Not sure of the brands, but they have a lot more product than we do. They hack out on the roads a lot more and have had a lot of accidents, so more products to help with it.

Isn’t there one sponsored by Charlotte Dujardin? I remember there being a lot of neon pink… :disgust::lol:

Yup among others


I’d prefer that to orange!

Christmas jingle bells attached to her halter.
Personally I’ve always fantasized about a police strobe light I could attach to my helmet.
Ive only once found something like that, but it may be a prop.

Equisafety is a good one, and we have ordered V Bandz from England

When I ride at night, I wear a reflective safety vest and carry a flashing bicycle light that I turn on when I hear a car coming (I just carry it in my pocket but it could be attached to horse). This works at night as cars always give me a wide berth. Cyclists use them during the day (as well as at night) for visibility. I recently bought some reflective leg bands (for humans) that I used on her pasterns for our most recent night ride.

As an example…


Lots of stuff;
UK - https://equisafety.com/collections/horses

USA - https://www.saferidersgear.com/

I attach orange flagging tape to my dogs’ orange harnesses when I ride out with them. You could loop a lead role like a collar around the base of ponied horse’s neck and put some nice long streamers on it,. Shouldn’t bother the horse and will definitely be hi viz. Stuff comes in a variety of eye scorching colors.

Could be easily braided into mane or tail.

I would add my contact info in Large Block highly visible lettering on the ponied horse just in case we got separated

When I worked with FEMA we were constantly attempting to figure out who owned a horse since there no findable chips or owner info attached to the horse , believe me there must a few million horses of each color gender combination out there

You could probably attach these to yourself with 3M Dual Lock; https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/led-safety-flares/rechargeable-led-road-flares-led-safety-flares-emergency-lights/1317/