High waisted white show breeches?

Love Ariat Tri Factor! Totally second this.

I really like the Ovation Celebrity slim secrets.

Haha I just pulled out a pair of Dublin breeches to show in this weekend without realizing how high waisted they were - on my short torso it was actually rather uncomfortable.
I recommend Romfh Champion - they are high (but not as high as my dublins), and also for curvy / athletic figures.

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Tuff Rider ribbed breeches are high waisted and almost always available in white. The ribbing makes them quite comfy but they may be too warm for your weather.

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Gosh, I wear a belt with my high waisted breeches – with a VERY nice Navajo sandcast silver & turquoise buckle! I get LOTS of compliments on that belt buckle.

But have used suspenders in the past – they’re great, too.

Pikeur Candela and Rompf are my favorite high-waisted breeches. I always look for the “long” option, even though I’m only 5’4". I’m not long-legged, but the “longs” fit me better in the rise. FITS might be a good option, too.

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thanks everyone. I ordered a pair of the ROMPH breeches in tall. I’ll let ya’ll know how they fit. The tough riders are hot… sorry! and @ThreeFigs, I also have a nice belt and buckle I wear… it’s a vintage Pegasus…

Well, that’s cool. I find the implication that thin women or “boyish” women are not “real women” to be problematic, so I said so.

Being curvy doesn’t make you “real.”


Again, I didn’t interpret her post as saying thin women or women with slim thighs were “not real women”. I think that she was just expressing frustration at having difficulty finding high waisted breeches that fit her well.

Among women (all of them real), there is a large variation of shapes, so most women probably have considerable hunting to do to find riding clothes that fit well, regardless of where they fit in the shape universe.

I don’t understand why you’re responding with hostility when no hostility was in the original posts, as far as I could see. Why work so hard to take offense?


My pet peeve is when people equate curvy with plus size. You can have an hourglass shape at any size! (And being both petite and curvy, I have a hard time finding both regular and riding clothes!)

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Horze makes some nice highwaisted breeches.

I didn’t think so either. Was surprised by the defensiveness because I didn’t notice anything offensive.

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Not only did I NEVER imply any of that, I did not use ANY of those phrases. Do not put your insecurities on MY statements.

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I Will absolutely 2nd these Isabelle Breeches. I am 6ft, 180 and a little curvy around the waist. these make me feel like a million bucks as far as confidence and give a seamless look from butt, hips to waist, which was my biggest issue. I have large thighs, what ever-better to hold to horse with! lol I have now over the past 6 months bought 2 of these ($180 kills me) but they LAST!

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