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Higher liver levels, cross posting from OT

Hi- Has anyone had bloodwork come back with slightly elevated liver levels? My bloodwork has always been normal, but they are slightly elevated this year and I’m a bit nervous. My PC wants to do an abdomen ultrasound to see what’s going on. I have that scheduled and new labs will be drawn then too in about 3.5 weeks. She thinks it’s likely a fatty liver issue or mild irritation. That said, especially through covid, I had been drinking way too much. I don’t have any other symptoms other than the elevated levels and the rest of the bloodwork is all normal. Has anyone experienced this? Were you able to reverse the issue so that levels were normal again? Did you have to completely stop drinking? Thanks everyone

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I am jingling for it to come back to normal levels. I’ve never had elevated liver levels, in spite of being on methotrexate for 20 years (it is very tough on the liver). Instead, just to be contrary, my kidneys failed and I’m on dialysis.

I bet cutting back on drinking would help. I’ve known a few people who had to do this.



Try taking Milk Thistle


Thanks, I’ve just started incorporating it over the past few weeks, will be interesting to see if bloodwork looks any different!

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Mine went through the roof during a period of high stress, I don’t drink. Once the stressful period was over and we redid bloodwork, it was back at normal levels. So I got lucky there I think!


Wow that’s really interesting! By through the roof, how high above normal levels? They say for ALT and AST anything 2 or 3x the normal ranges is only considered slightly elevated which is crazy!

Through the roof is my expression. My Drs also called these mildly elevated…which just seems so weird to me.

Sept/Dec/March testing.
ALT went from 18 to 103 to 19.
AST went from 15 to 105 to 21.

That is crazy! I’m glad that you are back to normal! My levels are around the highs you have, hoping they will come back down and all is well. I guess the first step is this ultrasound today, and then getting my blood done again tomorrow. Fingers crossed, and thanks for the info.

Quit drinking any alcohol. Give your liver its best opportunity to develop increased function in its remaining lesser damaged areas to compensate for loss of function in irreversibly damaged areas. And if you use acetaminophen (Tylenol) stop that too.


Thank you, I am doing that. She said though that she thinks it’s likely due to a fatty liver and not alcohol related.

My mom’s one liver enzyme was “slightly elevated” starting about a month after she fell and broke her pelvis. (She’s 91). My vet suggested milk thistle. Latest blood work was back to normal. Hers liver issue was most likely due to the tissue damage from the fall.


Thank you for the info!