HIIT timer for horse fitness?

I’m wanting to download a timer from the App Store for an interval training clock for an iPhone to use while doing trot and canter sets. Specifically I’m looking for one that I can program beeps/dings for stop/go and prepare to stop/go so I don’t have to pull out my phone–or at least not pull it out very often. I’d also like big numbers so when I do have to pull it out I can see it (without glasses) while galloping if need be.

Anyone using one they like or recommend?

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Tabata Timer

You have to take the time to program your sets. But it also counts down…it beeps for like the last three seconds of you set, then vibrates/dings when you need to change “sets”. Excellent for a half halt and transition. I set up my entire workout (on my phone) and then strap it to my boot.


Guaranteed the horse is going to learn the beeps as cues in about one ride :). My mare stops if my cellphone rings.


I have a free app called Impetus (on an Android though so need to see if it’s available for Apple).

I think it has everything you need. It’s simple to program, you can add sets (ie. 2 x 2 min), it beeps a countdown, and signals a change. I think you can also have it announce the set with text-to-speech, although I never used that feature. I used in when rehabbing.

I also thought about the horse learning the beeps! What I did with mine was to vary when I responded to the beeps. I would delay going to the next gait, or respond right away, etc. Mine never anticipated even after weeks of use but he isn’t very high-strung to begin with.

I have one that’s called Interval Timer that I use for spinning workouts. You can set up custom routines and name each segment. When you’re coming up to the next set, it beeps 5 seconds out and then will call out what you named the segment, so if you named a segment walk, it’ll say that when you’re supposed to switch.

its not an app…but i use a garmin watch. it won’t do exactly the functionality that you describe, but it’s easy to reference on your hand so no need to fiddle with a phone. what i really love about it is that it you can track your speed at any moment, which i find even better than the traditional method of wheeling off markers in a field. this way you can do your sets anywhere you want (not just the field you have wheeled off with your minute markers) and know your current and average speed.

you can find older models like the vivoactive 3 for ~$125

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I wish there was a tech person out there who would gear some things like this towards horses. Would be awesome to know how far you’ve gone, how fast and even the riders heart rate with a timer app for sets. Using my apple watch would do most of that, but its always neat to think of what it could do if it was geared towards horse people. If only I was techy enough!

This does. Some riders comment that it does not accurately know the difference between the gaits.

This is also cool

Meh. Some of the transitions are upwards, some are downwards and the “ding” is the same. I also never forced a transition because the time was up. Ponysaurus still had to be on the aids, particularly with canter transitions up and down (or else we are a collective mess). So sometimes my trot set was 4 min, 40 seconds, not 5 minutes, because I waited for him to be prompt and listening. That is why I like the little 3-second countdown that allows me to prepare, sort of like preparing for a canter depart at A.

I managed to use it for my 60-day back-to-work program without my horse stopping at the dings.

This has a timer on it? I just thought it only tracked your ride?

Equilab has an experimental feature called audio cue that you can try out. You’ll hear the cue when you reach a certain number of minutes at a certain gait. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say if it’s as useful as an app specifically made for HIIT.

I also use Interval Timer and it works just fine.

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