Hip/Knee Numbness?

Hi all! I have had this question for awhile so I figured I would see if anyone has any suggestions. I have had a hard time with my left hip/knee for awhile now. When I ride, if I don’t actively think about it, it is hard to put my weight on it and shift. I do speed events so the best example is when I am going through poles, it is hard for me to shift my weight to my left side in between poles. Loping right is hard as well, I have to really focus to put my weight on my outside to not lean in and put my mare off balance. I have gone to the doctor and they gave me PT to do which did nothing. I am also under 25 years old and hurt my hip falling off a horse about 7 years ago now(which I went to the doctor for and they gave the PT and sent me on my way) Any suggestions or ideas on how to strengthen my hip? I just figured you all might have better suggestions then my since my idea is to just ignore it until I can’t ride any more :sweat_smile: as well as the fact that my doctor does not have any idea about horses or what the heck I talk about when I describe what is happening.

Is it numb just when you are in the saddle? Otherwise you walk and use it normally?

I wonder if the position riding puts it in is pinching something making it numb?

Sometimes what I am walking my left knee will give out randomly(like a couple times a year) but other then that I dont seem to find it numb. I do notice though that when I am sitting I tend to make sure that my left leg is either parked out to the side or stretched out. Almost like I am subconsiously avounding pressure on it. I always put my right leg under me .

I wonder if a visit to an Orthopedic Doctor( Surgeon ) would be a good idea?

I am seeing one for my ankle and the difference in them as opposed to a general doctor ( for joint issues) is amazing. I think hips would fall under their expertise as well.

I will have to see if there is one that I can see within the practice I go to. My other doctors never refered me to anyone other then to do PT so I did not think of that. Thank you!

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