Hip Pinch/Muscle Cramp during Lateral Work - Fibromyalgia Troubles: UPDATE POST 48

I don’t ride dressage, so that might be why!

I already am on a magnesium supplement, and I don’t have a b-vitamin issue. Thanks for the thought though!

This saddle is the one that actually fits me rather well.

1000x THIS! Horse people are legit the worst about getting treatment for themselves.

OP sounds like she is actually paying attention to her body, but the rest of y’all will be trying to figure out how to MRI a stifle while you treat your broken finger by taping it to your other broken finger.


…to be fair, this is exactly how urgent care treated my broken finger this summer :joy:


Lol jonem004, thank you. I do try to keep an eye on things. Fibromyalgia makes it difficult with false alarms and whatnot, but when a pain is different AND can be treated by NSAIDS? yeah I listen.

(and yes this was how my broken finger was treated in May of this year as well :joy: lol)

I have an appointment next Friday with the orthepedist so we’ll see if it’s anything or just more “mysteriously you’re fine”. It’s starting to hurt my hips to lay on my side so I am assuming I am NOT fine.


If an orthopedist can’t suss out the issue, it’s worth visiting a rheumatologist. Connective tissue issues can cause nerve pain, and sometimes the right prescription (Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Lyrica, etc.) can really knock it down.

My right hip is very tight, and stretching it is painful and buys me some increased mobility. But actually the best thing for it is to release my psoas muscle on my left side, at the point directly inside my iliac crest, if that makes sense. Because my problem isn’t generating from my right hip, it’s coming from my crooked pelvis and all my associated muscles dragging the right side of my pelvis in and up and taking my right hip with it. So, I recommend a full body work up with someone who can spot that kind of stuff.

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I already see a rheumatologist for my fibromyalgia. It’ll def be something to bring up there. Honestly knowing my luck the orthopedist will likely not find anything and she’ll confirm it’s just the fibro being a jerk lol both good and bad at this point.

I stretch as regularly as I can, but yeah hoping someone can tell me something is wrong rather than just “that’s another fibro thing”

Update - I will add it to the top too.

Doc found nothing. My x-rays are perfectly clean and I apparently “have a great set of hips”. Which surprised me given the amount of falling off horses I’ve done as a “I can handle any buck teenage rider” lol. I would have thought I’d have at least SOME arthritis or signs of injury.

He suggested it may be some inflammation setting off fibro which starts a cycle of pain so to try some ibuprofen at an anti-inflammatory therapeutic level as long as my stomach can handle it.

Looks like the weakness issues are just more problems with the fibro. Woohoo.

There’s a lot of soft tissue in the hip/pelvis that can cause pain that won’t show on a plain film. The labrum, tendonitis of the hamstring or various glute muscles, tear of the ligamentum teres, bursitis or synovitis, etc etc…

If you’re having hip symptoms, it still might be worth seeing a hip specialist. Loads of people get cleared by general orthos and go on to find serious problems once they get finally find someone to order an MRI.


I was wondering about that Simkie. I’d hate to spend another specialist co-pay but if something’s wrong I want to catch it now.

I will see if my doc can recommend someone.

I might be able to point you in the right direction, if you want to share the general area of the country you’re in. Feel free to pm me! :blush:

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How many views did you have taken? Just curious.

They did at least 4… probably 5. front and sides, mid and lower


Have you read A Different Arena.

It is about a horse rider who has fibromyalgia.

It is an ebook.

No I haven’t. I’ll take a look.

edit: I couldn’t find it. Is it on amazon?

Excellent. So if they say you have great hips - you really must. Well, one thing to cross off your list then. I wonder if additional hip strengthening would help - maybe some band walking using small resistance bands. It’s different than other kinds of lateral work (side leg lifts, etc.) although of course they are good.

It was shared on another forum. I downloaded it and printed it out and gave it as a christmas present.

I don’t know if I still have the downloaded copy as I think that was back when I had a computer that died. It would also probably be on an external Hard drive that no longer turns on. :rage:

I found it, on a very very old phone.

It says it is on an old format in word but I can read it.

I eventually managed to download it and email it to myself, so if anyone pms their email address I can email it.

I have to go to work so I will check back in later.