Hip Pinch/Muscle Cramp during Lateral Work - Fibromyalgia Troubles: UPDATE POST 48

Yeah I was surprised given all the falls I had as a teen (I always rolled off and fell on my back/butt).

I’ll take a look into walking bands as I’m doing as much muscle building as the fibro allows. I do have two types of band sets already so maybe it’ll be an easy addition. Leg lifts, yoga ashtanga A and B (which strengthens and stretches), modified planking, bridge and supine stretches, supine bicycles, etc. If I can do it without a weight system and I can modify it for fibro, I do it.

I’m experiencing something similar OP - although I don’t have fibro. Your description of the tightness around your tailbone is exactly what I feel too. When I’m riding, it’s not exactly painful but I can feel the muscles pulling against each other and my body is completely out of whack. Once I get off, the pain starts building. It hurt to sit and it hurt to stand (thankfully on meds for that now). We tried just anti-inflammatories, but that didn’t help at all. Now on nerve blockers.

I’ve been working with a physio, a chiro, and an osteopath to try to find relief, but we haven’t figured it out yet. They don’t feel it’s a muscle weakness though. I’m just doing lots of stretching and minimal exercise (other than walking).

I had x-rays - completely clear like you. I’m waiting for my MRI appointment (Canada, therefore a bit slow). We are hoping that will show something.

Please keep us posted and good luck!

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Thank you!

I’m trying to get into the pain management center near me as they treat all sorts of things including fibro, EDS, SI issues etc. so my hope is they will be a bit more whole body diagnostic/treatment than the orthopedist I saw.

Last two weeks I’ve had tremors in my right hand after riding about 4-5 jumps in a row (and these are small 2’ verticals) as well which is VERY unnerving. Thankfully they stop after a while but it is concerning me that I have a neurological issue rather than fibromyalgia.

Please put in here if you pm me.


FINALLY got a referral to a spine and joint specialist, waiting on their office to call me. I couldn’t get my left heel/leg to drop at all while riding last week, AND while at work I was walking back from our mailroom and my tailbone felt like it was being squeezed and I had pins and needles/leg weakness while walking back carrying mail (it wasn’t a whole lot, no more than a few pounds, and I could carry it in one arm). So now I’m concerned I should have a cane with me just in case something DOES happen.


Thanks Suzie, but I honestly haven’t had the time/energy/focus to read much these days. I’d rather just focus on getting my health situated at this point.

LOL I havent read for years and I was an avid reader.

Nowadays I prefer to watch a movie as I can do something else at the same time.

It is a good read though and I am pretty sure the author had fibromyalgia.


Rheumatologist wants me into the neurologist asap for tremors etc. Also approved my thoughts on getting a cane.

Spine doctor says :woman_shrugging: to the lower back/hip issues. 6 weeks of PT before my insurance will approve an MRI so he’s hoping it’ll fix that but at least he didn’t write me off as my x-rays were clear and had a few choice words for the orthopedist who did that.


You sound just like me, and I just made a post about my ongoing pain when riding.

OP does the pain refer down the front of your leg, kind like reverse sciatica? And does the low back pain ever feel like weakness, like your pelvis / low back just can’t hold you up? Those are both hallmarks of mine, along with the very tender spots on either side of my spine and over the outside of my hip. For what it’s worth a I’ve been told those are classic symptoms of SI issues. Now if only I knew what to do about it…

Big Mama sorry I missed your reply. My account imploded so had to quickly create a new one for Secret Santa this year.

Top answer your question: It starts at my tailbone and creeps out along my hip but always down the back of my leg if it gets that far, nothing in the front. I am dealing with a lot of pelvis/lower back/core/leg weakness, it’s gotten worse over the last two months even with PT.


Physical Therapist asked if I had been tested for MS given how I was presenting within the first week of exercises (woohoo) so my PCP ordered 10 (yes 10) blood tests, a brain MRI, and referral to a neurologist who specializes in neurological conditions.

Spine doctor has ordered an MRI of my lower back and an EEG of my legs as PT has done nothing to help. Pain and weakness in my legs are getting worse (it now always hurts to drive, and sitting in a chair for extended periods of time has me constantly shifting). I have muscle but something’s definitely not right. He also finally saw an episode of tremors in my right hand, immediately looked concerned, and went “that’s not due to your back.” Was glad I was set up for an MRI/neurologist.

So we’ll see! I’m no longer riding atm due to the bills and my trainer upping the cost of lessons so once things settle I’m going to have to find a new barn to ride at :cry:


Im so glad you’re getting guidance and you are going to see nuero. I’m sad to see that horses are on hold during this time. Is there a way you can still fit in horse time (even grooming or groundwork) during this time?

Having chronic pain and unknowns can be so stressful along with trying to navigate our medical system. I guess I’m just concerned and want your heart and mental well-being taken care of, too. Horses have helped me the past few years as I navigated new (scary) health concerns.

Let us know what your diagnostics turn up!


Will do! And thank you for your concern! Right now I’m so busy between PT and other appointments I actually have very little time to get out to the barn. Contacted an old friend who has a barn that’s a bit of a further drive, but she says anytime I need horse time I can just come out and say hi to the lesson horses. :slight_smile: I will definitely be taking her up on the offer soon.

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I have MS. Several years into not being able to ride my own horses (kept at home outside, getting groomed rarely, I was too tired to ride when I finished grooming) I got so depressed about not riding I started searching for a stable where I could ride lesson horses–horses who get groomed and ridden regularly, are used to uncoordinated, clumsy riders with bad balance.

The nearest hunt seat stable to me specializes in 4-H child and teenage riders. I am by far the oldest rider at that stable, I NEED private 30 minute lessons I can afford, and it has all worked out for me. My riding teacher has learned to respect my knowledge from decades of ownership, handling, training my own, and riding, and I have found the BEST riding teacher of my whole life. This lady is GOOD, knows when and how to praise my riding (out of the blue she will tell me what I am doing RIGHT at that moment).

I told her I NEEDED a position Nazi since I do not have a proprioceptive sense and often I can’t really feel my feet and hands.

Just telling you this because getting over thinking I would need a teacher that specialized in older people to get good instruction enabled me to find the most rewarding and intellectually stimulating lesson experience in my life.

My teacher has always had adult students as well as the kids, but the kids are who bring in the majority of the money that pays for a lot of the bills.

Together my teacher and I explore the techniques I have found that I think may make me a more effective rider (lots of equitation books with lots of on-line reading). We learn from each other, I can tell her the theories, who developed the theories, why they developed their method, stuff that I tried that worked, stuff I tried that did not work, etc., etc., etc., in my 30 min. weekly lesson. A lot of riding teachers do not have the TIME to read the dusty tomes of horsemanship, but I do.

And then we figure out if I can do the stuff in spite of my body crippled in many ways from the MS. The past decade we have been exploring the proper timing of the aids. Some I can’t do so I find another way under her eagle eye so I do not accidentally hurt her horse.

Plus I CAN AFFORD HER LESSONS! (25.00 USD for 30 minutes.)

Ride On!


Jackie I am so glad you found someone who can do that and you can afford it! I will need to look into other places soon.

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