HKM Bridles?

Hello! I’ve looked at the HKM bridles over The Connected Rider’s website. My god are the gorgeous 😍 Only thing is, I can’t find a lot of reviews on them. Are they durable? How do they fit? Does anyone have any photos of them on their horse? I’m eyeing the anatomical one and their “Vanja” bridle if anyone happened to own one of them.

I would research the website before you order from them.

HKM is a good middle of the road product. They are very pretty and look good on. HOwever, the leather is “needy” it needs regular conditioning or it will crack. Definitely not top of the line, but very useable and show worthy. I have ordered from them without problem.

I haven’t had one of their bridles yet but I ordered their driving surcingle from SE Sporthorses and I am super happy with it. Decent leather and well constructed.