Hoary Alyssum

I am interested in finding out what areas of North America have had hoary alyssum ingestion through hay problems. I’d also like time frames. Also, how was the community notified of the problem if the community was? I did a short search and saw there are folks out there who have been affected in different areas of North America.

I think there is little information nor a common way to help horses not get sick and die from laminitis before an adequate diagnosis is made because owners and vets are not looking for the problem.

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Fourteen years ago, while living in Virginia, I lost my 12 year old horse to what I believe was hoary alyssum in hay cubes. It was February of a drought year in the areas where hay is grown, and snowy, so we were feeding alfalfa cubes. My horse had a severe, sudden, laminitis, nose bleeds, low platelets, 2 weeks of fevers, and generalized swelling. A few weeks later, another of our horses developed similar signs, despite being kept at another location. Our third horse, who was not getting alfalfa cubes due to be dieted, was fine.

This is what bears do with it…