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Holsteiner registration help?!

I’d love some insight on how I could go about registering my new Holsteiner mare.

She is out of a mare registered with the Holsteiner Verband. However, I believe her sire is unapproved. He was sold out of country and I’ve been unable to track him down.

However, the sire’s parents were both registered with the Holsteiner Verband. He’s by Contender.

My mare is very well bred and truly a beautiful little filly, it seems criminal that I can’t register her with the AHHA. Does anyone know if there is a way I could get her approved even though her sire is not?

If the AHHA is not an option, do you think the American Warmblood Registry would take her? Is it even worth it to register her with a non-breed specific organization?

Any insight is much appreciated. I’ve already emailed the AHHA with more specific pedigree info, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

I am not an expert on Holsteiner registration policies, but in general, for most of the German type warmblood registries - if the sire was unapproved, and the dam was never approved for breeding by the registry, you could not even get a certificate of pedigree for the offspring.

Also - the Euro warmblood registries are not keen on issuing registration papers to grown horses. Many of them will not register horses older than yearlings, although some of them do make an occasional exception (must be for really unusual circumstances, and only for horses sired by an approved stallion and out of a mare already in the registry’s mare books).

I am guessing your best bet is AWR, but I don’t know if they will register a mature mare, either.

if dam was registered with the verband, foal is eligible for ahha cp. (rule 10.1.1)

this is not registration. however, it does allow her a path to breed, and if she gets inspected as a mature mare and scores sufficient bonits so as to be of premium quality (46), her children by approved holsteiner stallions can be fully registered.

credit to ahha … usef lifetime recording documentation has arrived with one of the foals barely a month old.

the office is a pretty tightly run ship. kudos.

I would call or email AHHA directly, I would assume she could get a CP and then any offspring could then move up the registration food chain. It seems easiest to go right to the source.