Holsteiner stallion recommendations

Hello- was hoping for some guidance on picking a stallion for my mare. She is a Holsteiner by For Pleasure out of a Cassini I mare. This mare is my heart horse and a career ending injury has caused me to consider breeding her. I would love for her to throw herself :grin:. She has the best temperament -very child/amateur friendly. She is small and compact and was best suited for the 1.20 jumpers. Would like to breed her to a jumper stallion but I don’t need her to produce a 1.60 jumper. Would like to stay with Holsteiner blood but not sure what crossed well with the C-line. I’m a rookie when it comes to breeding. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

She sounds lovely - do you have a photo?

Long Island T is a lovely stallion. I’ve ridden and handled him.

Can you share her full pedigree? Holsteiner is going to have a lot of C line blood and you want to watch what you are duplicating. Are you looking for a stallion that is available fresh or are you considering trying frozen? When you want to stay with Holsteiner blood, do you mean you want Holsteiner lines but you are open to other registries, or you only want stallions that are approved Holsteiner? Do you know her FFS carrier status?

Share a conformation photo and full pedigree. Video of each gait would be ideal! :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you wish to improve upon her conformationally and movement wise? How are her gaits?

What will you do with the resulting foal? Just jumpers?

What registry (or registries) is she approved with?