Homemade fly spray 2022 What are you making and how does it work?

I just made up a gallon using the following

4 cups (32 oz). apple cider vinegar
2 oz permethrin (from tractor supply)
4 cups vetrolin shine 32oz (I use healthy coat if I have that on hand)
2 tablespoons liquid glycerin soap
2 tablespoons baby oil
water to 1 gallon.

Haven’t used it yet

OK- so what are you using?

I just gave up and reinstalled the overhead sprayer after dealing with flies last few years. Since we have had the system since the early 90s the cost was just replacing hoses and nozzles then that chunk of change for the 55 gallon fill.

For the prior years we bought/used/tried hundreds of dollars of sprays/traps which worked in a very limited manor.

Today if I see a fly it is marked with wonder of where that came from as normally today we have zero flies , none.

I just got old and did not want to deal with the flies any longer, so wanted to kill them all

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Curious about your outside flies. I can see how having a spray system in the barn would help keep the flies inside to a minimum, but what about outside?

we put additional spray nozzles under the eves of the barns and along outside walls… it is a separated route that can be turned off if desired … the compost pile which is located about 100 feet from the barn only being used for the wet bedding we are putting fly predators

All manure is being bagged for disposal (we are in a city where we have twice a week trash pickup that prefers we bag the manure for pickup… we Could compost it but with the ongoing droughts without injecting a large amount of water into the compost pile it would just set there). So fly predators for the compost pile.

Also we have only one nearby neighbors that has one horse which is kept no closer than 300 feet of our barns…next group of horses are 1500 ft away.

I doubt spray nozzles even on the outside of the barn would help most places that have a larger acreage than your urban set-up.

I am one of those weird people who cringes at the thought of putting manure waste into a landfill. I get why you do it, but it still makes me cringe.

1 Gallon Du-Mor Fly Spray
1 Pint Repel-X Concentrate
5 Drops Neem Oil
5 Drops Clove Oil
5 Drops Citronella
4 Drops Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
1 Spray Bottle

Substitute the Du-Mor for water and mix with Repel per Repel-X directions. Add Essential Oils. Add in the Dawn. Shake Well.

Works better than most commercial mixes.