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Honey the ASB update and progress thread!

Congrats, she’s lovely! What has she done riding-wise/been doing?

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I don’t see buckskin. I see a paint horse, with palomino markings.

Either way, she’s lovely.


Congrats!! She’s so pretty! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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She just needed you to weed thru that haystack to find her!

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Thanks everyone!
She loaded like such a good girl and had her first night in a stall in ages. Going out after work to see her and give her a massage with my massage gun


Awww congrats, such a pretty mare and so expressive! That twisty head pic in her stall :rofl: Being a fjord owner, her neck looks a mile long to me!!


She’s got such a sweet expression…

And she’s going to look like a new horse after a month or two in your care! Can’t wait to see her glow-up!


What a sweet face! I’m sure you are going to have the bestest of best times with her. Can’t wait to see pics of you riding her.


What lovely coloring. I never thought an ASB came in pinto markings??


What a pretty girl! She looks pretty happy to have you, too :slight_smile:


My former next door neighbor had an honest to goodness regular pleasure ASB and he was an awesome horse that she trail rode everywhere.

When another friend retires her pure show quality ASB’s they come home and turn into, trail horses! They transition so well!

Your girl is lovely and have years of fun with her.


Some breeders produce them and Palomino too, they have a Parade division at some ASB shows. Look at video from the Rose Parades for the ever present Scripps Miramar unit of ASB Tobianos…and Carson on a Palomino. Maybe somebody can post a picture. They would be spectacular horses in a plain brown wrapper, with the Pinto markings and dripping silver its jaw dropping.


There is a black and white ASB in parade gear that is absolutely stunning. It’s nice to see the parade class coming back in fashion.


Lovely lovely horse. Looks like a buttermilk buckskin pinto. No matter what the color …. So happy for you and :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thank you! She’s so sweet, but she’s skinny and stressed, so that has me a little anxious. I know she’ll settle, it’s just hard to see her anxious and pacing and gassy. But, gas is good.

I think she’s starting to know who I am. She was falling asleep with me grooming her, and was rubbing her itchy face all over me. I even got a nicker when walking by!


Best of luck with your new girl! I half-leased an ASB for a few years while I was in grad school and he was lovely. The most balanced canter I have ever ridden. I couldn’t afford a horse of my own at the time or I would have bought him in a second. He went on to do 4th level dressage with the junior rider who bought him.


Being stalled overnight is a huge change when you add up a new home, she lost her herd mates , daily routine , normal food etc…

It is harder for some at the beginning than others. Is she eating and drinking well? Getting an exercise/ working routine established asap is important too.

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Yes, she is eating and drinking. Today was better for her. She was turned out alone at her last place but I’m trying not to do anything to stress her out more than she is. But she does seem to be settling.


I also just brought home a new horse and have to keep reminding myself that everything is new and different for him. He hadn’t been touched much for the last 8 months, living outside in a herd of 5 horses (his owner has cancer so he’d had some benign neglect). He needs weight and muscle so I’m getting him used to his new environment, starting groundwork and feeding him. I think these early days are a great way to bond with a new horse.


I remember meeting Ellen (Brownie) Scripps Davis and her daughter Michelle Macfarlane at the National Charity Horse Show in St. Louis several times, eons ago. They always brought a large contingent of horses from their farm San Diego, huge 4 in hand carriage included. Brownie was a very kind and generous woman.

Wow. That brings back memories. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ellen Davis was a long time breeder of pinto saddlebreds. I believe the foundation sire for her pinto lines was Chubasco, who sired many champion pinto saddlebreds. Her daughter kept the business going after her mother passed. I remember reading that Scripps Miramar Ranch burned in a wildfire quite awhile ago, but they did get the horses out.