Honkin'-big Chain Harrows: is 8'x8' too big?

Y’all, I’m all about minimizing time and work, so I think I want the giantest chain harrow possible for spreading manure.

I have used a 4’ (wide) x 8’ long harrow, tines up, pulled by a little ATV mule thing at it was OK. Put the tines down, and you could feel it struggle.

So does that mean an 8x8 would need something bigger than a mule to get round? For the most part, I am happy with the tines-up way. The grass underneath is Coastal Bermuda with runners as well as roots, so that rarely needs to be torn up or aerated at all.

Thank you!

Well our chain harrows are about that size I think. About 8 X 8. They are pulled by our big tractors, spreading manure each spring. My small 32 horse Kubota could pull them just fine, but they are too long for the smaller tractor to pick up and carry around, so would have to be dragged to the fields rather than carried, which would make a mess. The ability to pick them up and carry them with the FEL to where you want to go before they start to do their work is an issue. We also pick them up when finished to put them back into storage… they are not something that you want to leave flat on the ground (dangerous if you get a loose horse, and grass grows up in them and can be a problem). We don’t have a “mule”, so I can’t comment on how it would work for this, or how much they can pull.

Yes, it’s too big for your machine if it’s already straining with something half that size. If you’re ok with never using it tines-down, maybe it’ll be ok. But running your motor and transmission up against its capacity to pull something too heavy is a good way to cause the machine to break down prematurely, so personally I would do 2 passes through the field.

Maybe make a chain link fence drag that’s 8ft wide-- would not be as hard to pull. Alternate between doing a light drag with the 8ft chain link version, and then next time use the more agressive 4ft harrow.

8 x 8 is too big unless you have a tractor. I have such a chain harrow, love the good job it does, usually tines down, but I am moving it with a 25HP tractor.

The more surface of harrow rubbing the ground, the more friction is created, so your small vehicle is working hard with the 4 x 8 dragging, no teeth digging in. The little machine will give out earlier than expected being overloaded like that.

My Gator has to work pulling only 4deep x by 8ft wide, so I do not ask it to pull the harrow. Gator needs to last a looonng time for us.