Hoof Boot Sizing Help Please!

Looking to getting a set of front hoof boots for my trail horse. He’s got really hard feet, but some trails are quite rocky and he acts a bit tender over them.

These pictures are recently after a trim. First set his his left front then I’ll add another comment with his right front.

Not looking at anything fancy unless you all can convince me otherwise. I only ride him a couple times a week and mostly on grass or in my arena where boots aren’t needed. So the boots will be used a handful of times each year when we venture off property. Nothing really high mileage.



Right front measurements.



Every single hoof boot company has a different sizing chart. My mare is 3WW in Renegades and 5 in Scoots, for instance. So find the website for the kind of boots you want to buy and then follow their measurement advice.

You can send photos to the Scoot Boot people and they will recommend sizing!

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I’d strongly suggest you go to Heartland Scoot Boots on Facebook and post those for Stacy Pratt.

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I highly recommend Cavallo Trek or Simple boots for the type of use you’re describing. I found the Treks last longer than the Simple boots if you’re getting into mud and wet grass often. The Simple boots leather uppers will shape more to the foot.

Cavallo also makes the Entry Level Boot which is less expensive. You could try that to see if they work for your horse and upgrade to Treks after the ELBs wear out. Which could take years with a handful of rides a year.

If you fit the boots to a fresh trim it would be worth fitting with Cavallo’s neoprene gaiters. Then later in the trim cycle they’ll fit without gaiters.

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If you go to the cavallo website they have a chat option and you can give them the measurements and they will tell you what size to order. I just purchased my first pair and I love them! Much easier to put on and take off than the easyboot epics that I also have for a different horse.