Hoof boots for horse that over tracks?

I have a horse with thinner soles that could benefit from the occasional hoof boot when on the random trail. Said horse is dressage built - short backed with an over reach. Any suggestions based on experience?

Have a look at Scoot Boots. The are much less bulky than other brands so less likely to be pulled off if your horse over reaches.

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I’ve had good results with Cavallo Treks. My older horse occasionally forges (strikes the sole of the front boot with a hind foot) and my younger horse (short back, big overtrack) didn’t have any issues doing a 26 mile Endurance ride in Treks.

Cavallo Simple boots worked well too, but I find the Trek upper tougher and lasts longer.

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I’ve used both Cavallo Treks and Scoot Boots, and I like both but for different reasons. The Cavallos are easier to get on and off. And, for me at least, they were easier to determine the correct size. The Scoot Boots are easier to clean (just soak in water), and I like that they are more open and lighter (think hiking sandals vs. hiking boots). The Cavallos and the Scoots both stay on well. I’ve never had a Scoot come off, and a Cavallo came off only one time in 5 years (wedged between some large rocks). I get about 500 miles over rocky terrain before I have to replace either Cavallos or Scoots.