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Hoof boots - looking for recommendations - UPDATED Post 14

I’m looking for some hoof boots for my TWH. She generally has excellent feet, but can get uncomfortable on gravel or rocks. I tried her in a pair of size 4 Original Old Macs and they fit okay, but they’re clunky. The were also old and disintegrated on the short test ride (I already had them, they weren’t bought for her).

Measurements are about 4 3/4" wide and 5" long, so the boots need to be more oval shaped.

I will remeasure before I order, this is just to get an idea

Here are some pictures with and without the Old Macs

Trim was a week ago

I’m thinking about Scoots or Renegades, but open to suggestions.

Both Scoots and Renegades are excellent choices. Renegades have more moving parts that eventually need replacement like wires, and can snap. I found them fiddly. But the sizing has more latitude and they can be tightened or loosened during the trim cycle.

Scoots fit more precisely and some people need to rasp between trims. They have no wires, are very low profile, and nothing to fiddle with. I started with Renegades and now use Scoots.

Without a sole photo I can’t tell for sure, but it’s possible your horses heels are run forward a bit. In That case neither Rens or Scoots will fit well. They are designed for a barefoot trim with heels bscked up. I could say more certainly with a sole picture.

A good trimmer can back up heels in a few cycles and it’s much better for hoof health

Scoots have round and oval shapes. I use 5 on front and 5 narrow behind

I’ve used equine fusion boots and really like them. The dealer was easy to work with and accommodated my horse’s different sized feet.


I really like Easyboot Gloves - but they require a barefoot style trim with a short trim cycle. I currently am using a traditional farrier on a 5 week trim cycle, so Gloves aren’t ideal for us at this point. I am using Easyboot BackCountry boots for trail riding, and Easyboot Trails with pads for turnout during wet weather (trying to increase sole depth). I’ve been really happy with both sets of boots - the BC’s are a bit more sleek than the Trails, but both fit well and seem comfortable.

My other horse is currently wearing Cavallo Treks for riding. They are ok but I don’t love them. I don’t have trouble with them but I just like the feel of the Easyboot better. I am planning to order a set of BackCountry boots for this horse to replace the Cavallos. I feel like the Easyboots have a bit softer construction (more cushion) and I like the tread pattern as it looks to have a bit more grip than the Cavallos.

I have struggled with getting proper size boots in the past. This time I took measurement pics on trim day and sent the pics to Easyboot. They told me what size to buy and they have been right on the money.

I did try Renegade boots in the past but didn’t like the cables and the inability to use pads for cushioning.

I loved Renegades. I rode my jumper in them. Never rubbed and never had an issue in mud or when jumping

I use Scoot Boots, and I really like them. The only problem I’ve had is that it can be hard to get the fit right, even with good measurements. Fortunately, at least one vendor provides sizing shells and demo boots that you can try before you buy (Try Scoot Boots, https://tryscootboots.com/ ).

I also like the Cavallo Trek boots because they’re more forgiving on the fit. Also, Cavallo just released a new model boot (Trek Pro) if you’re interested in that style.

I would add in general that “a proper barefoot trim” will increase sole depth and overall tolerance. That means getting the heels back, bars open, the toe back, the heels open, the frog healthy, a mustang roll to decrease chipping, and regular rasping to reduce flare and gravel up the white line.

I would worry about an otherwise healthy horse that needed a pad inside boots for trail riding. A pad could be great for an abscess or laminitis when you aren’t riding, but a boot already has an inbuilt pad function that should be enough for trail riding.

A vote for Renegades. I’ve used them for seven years on some very rough trails. They seem to come off a lot less often than many brands. Never have sored my horse. I wear out about a pair a year. I do have to rasp between trims.

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DITTO! I’ve had quite a few trim clients transition their horses out of shoes with the Fusion boots.

I think, as you can see in the responses you’ve gotten here, it really comes down to the shape of your horse’s foot and what you’re comfortable handling. Does your farrier/trimmer carry fitting kits on his or her truck? Mine did, which is how I got to try a few brands on after a fresh trim to decide.

For me, Scoots do the job really well. A pair lasts us ~800-900 miles on gravel roads. With Scoots, you really want to make sure you don’t have issues with underrun heels/long toes, or they’re not going to work for you. I like how easy they are to get on, and I rarely have issues with losing them, even on muddy trails. My mare does sit right on the border of two different sizes depending on where she is in her trim cycle, so I do own two different sizes for her fronts. The only time I’ve lost a boot is when I’ve used the larger size too close to a fresh trim.

If Scoots are of interest, I’d highly recommend working with Stacy Pratt of Heartland Scoot Boots. She has a very active FB page and will send you trial boots after a virtual fitting via pictures of a freshly trimmed foot. Very easy to work with. I’ve heard not-great stories of people trying to take their own measurements and size via the official Scoot Boot page, so I would personally not go that route.


I have my barefoot pony mare in regular Scoots with mud straps all the way around for rockier trail riding. Her hooves are almost wider than they are long and have an annoying tendency toward flaring even on a 4-5 week trim schedule but I touch up with a rasp every week or so and the boots have worked wonderfully.

I also paid for an Easyboot fit kit - none of the shells even came close to fitting - and sent measurement photos to Renegade but due to pony’s foot shape they flat-out told me Renegades wouldn’t work. I’ve previously used Renegades on another horse (fronts only, they were very easy to put on but had constant issues with cables fraying and boots coming off at higher speeds on grass.

For Scoots, seconding the recommendation to get fitted with one of the reps on facebook (Stacy Pratt, Karen Timcoe Cox, Wendy Miller). Most/all of them have a fitting program that includes trials and a good amount of personal troubleshooting. I’ve seen a lot more posts from people who tried to fit through official Scoot Boot website and ended up with ill-fitting boots.

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I use Renegades for my girl. I did try a different boot for her hinds…Flex Boots https://www.flexbootsusa.com/. The way their sizing is now, her front feet are just a bit too long for the size she needs. Next size is way too large. They fit her back feet great and are super easy to get on and off. They are fine but because the break over is a little different than the Renegades, she has been forging a bit (she did not do it with Renegades on both ends). If I can get her engaged and forward, it isn’t too bad but when the Flex boots wear out, I will go back to the Renegades. I was trying to get away from the velcro but I have tried several brands and it seems the Renegades are what fit her the best so we will stick with those.

It really depends on their feet. You get what fits your particular horse the best. It is a bit of trial and error. I tried Scoots on this mare. Sent my measurements to the company and got the size they suggested. The first time she cantered they went flying off her feet so…so much for Scoots. There are enough out there there should be something that fits your horse. Most manufacturers will help or provide a fit kit for a small fee.



I use Renegades for my trail horse and I love them. I especially like how they are open to allow water and mud to pass through, rather than bogging down the boot. I also have a pair of Equine Fusion’s for my laminitic mini and I find that they fit better and stay on much better than her old Easy Boots. For the Renegades I need to rasp between trims, but that horse is also prone to flares. No rasping needed for the mini.

Whatever route you chose, I highly recommend paying a boot fitter to come out and recommend a specific boot and size for your needs. I know someone who didn’t do that to buy a pair of Cavallos and has had nothing but problems with them. I think it’s the fit rather than the boot, but I’m not sure.

If you’re in Canada, Hoof Help Canada has a good network of boot fitters.


I thought I would update this thread since I finally got the boots. I went through Heartland Scoot Boots and ended up with size 3 Scoot Boot Enduros in front and size 2 Enduros in back. I’ve only ridden with them a few times, but so far I’m happy with the fit and my horse seems more comfortable on the gravel road I ride regularly.