Hoof Help!

Because of the coronavirus my Ferrier hasn’t come out in while, so I need some help diagnosing this before searching aimlessly for a Ferrier.
i own this 6yo gelding whom has this very thick ring on his hind left hoof, but just on that! One first I brushed it off because I thought his diet has changed a little. Let him have some time to let him “get over it.” It only got worst!
my mind went panic on laminitis, but he isn’t lame, can’t feel a pulse and it’s just that one hoof and to develop laminitis in the hind end only is super rare!! Is it the green grass and his round bale? He shares a smaller pasture with two other mares… is it laminitis? Or is it the hay change I did?(which went from square bale to round bale.)
i don’t think I have photos sadly but if I do! I will update with those.
thank you, and I’ll take any criticism that you throw. I’m an extremely open-minded person.
hit the key-board my friend😘

Horses will get “event lines” that show an episode of stress in the past. By the time you see them whatever caused it is several months past.

It can be a change in feed, an illness, a fever. The event line line occurs at the coronet band and then grows out. It takes about 6 months to hit the middle of the foot and a year to grow out.

The jury is out on the relationship between an event line and laminitis. Obviously it reflects a moment of inflammation but it doesn’t seem to cause any lameness or permanent damage.

Anyhow post a photo. But my guess is whatever caused it happened last summer and you are panicking over nothing.

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@Scribbler thank you so much for the reassurance! I’ll post a photo as soon as I can because atm I don’t have one.

Why isn’t your farrier coming out? (Where do you live?) Farriers are considered essential service providers in my state (NY) and I would imagine in every state.

It’s one thing to put off a few clients for a few weeks, but this virus is not going to go away. What is your farrier’s plan going forward? (Or, is he just choosing to stop practicing?)

@S1969 idk he said he won’t be out doing services for awhile no details.?

I would ask for some details as to why so you can find another farrier if he happens to be MIA for the foreseeable future.

Exactly. What does he expect his clients to do?

For what it’s worth, unless he is in the hospital with the virus, or caring for a family member who is - I would expect him to either schedule for horses or help find you a replacement farrier.

I wonder if your farrier is just letting you go and using this as a reason.

@candyappy he said he is stopping services because of the coronavirus, I don’t blame him. This is a side job for him.

So, your horse had some sort of event about 3-4 months ago. A change in diet, change in routine, work, environment, or something else.

That line has been growing down through the hoof for some time. I see nothing to worry about. Your farrier would certainly have noticed it already.

I agree.

I would see if he can recommend a good replacement or ask your vet for references. He may be a long time in coming back or not come back at all.