Horalas Experiences?

So i recently started riding a homebred greenie that was out of a thoroughbred mare by Horalas PgE*. Wondering if anyone

-knows anything more about the sire, Horalas
-had an experiences with him
-would be willing the parse the the significance of his pedigree (am very new to breeding stuff, so I don’t know much about the trakehner pedigrees)
-or has any experiences with his offspring and their jumping ability/temperament?
Kind of curious about it, because his son looks almost exactly like him, maybe half a hand taller and a little on the rangier side, but didn’t do much until now (he’s somewhere between 7 and 9), so it’ll be interesting to see how far he goes. Will post conformation pics if I get a minute.

Couldn’t resist! Competing in the $1m GP at Spruce Meadows. He seems to be able to reproduce the jump --has had a few approved sons and I don’t think he was used that extensively. I think a beloved horse…will have to leave the pedigree to the experts other than my un-expert observation that Eastern Europe seems to have jumping trakehners.

The two approved sons were the two that were presented in Germany and approved - and both I believe were named the champion jumper of their approvals at NMS (one was this year and the other last year - both out of Abdullah mares).

Margaret McGregor of Holders Hill Farm stands him still (he is still viable fresh and there is plenty of frozen on him) and is very familiar with him and can answer most questions. I know that they had to build his fence VERY high because he will still jump out if he thinks it is low enough LOL.


Hah! Hope that doesn’t show up with this guy - too much snow around here for those kind of hijinks :).
Can anyone speak to what his pedigree looks like? I don’t know what I’m looking like, but even some basic this that would be fascinating!

This should link to the pedigree if that makes it any more convenient


The one to ask about his pedigree is Maren. As omare pointed out he is from Eastern European stock unfamiliar to most US Trakehner breeders.