Horse Barns in Northern Illinois?

Hello. I have not been happy with the barn I am at for a very long time now, and I was wondering if anyone knew of good barns and/or trainers in northern Illinois specializing in Western Pleasure or English Pleasure. I show AQHA and am looking for a good barn and trainer. If there are good trainers that are willing to come to a barn, I would be open to that as well. Thank You!

Valerie Napier Gramm (sp?) located in Hampshire IL - Dry Creek Stables-
I ride Dressage, but have friends at this barn- they love it- not super fancy, but great care and the horses all seem very happy!
good luck!

AQHA has a list of trusted trainers by state on its website. I had a look at it and then realized I don’t know enough about Illinois to know which ones would be close to you:)

You might give it a look yourself.

Could you be a little more specific as far as where in N. IL, or how far you are willing to drive?

I live 30 minutes east of Joliet, Illinois. I would be willing to travel at the most an hour.

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