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Horse Blog Openings

Hey everyone!

I just registered here about two minutes ago, but I’m no stranger to forums :slight_smile: I’m crazy about horses, and I’m planning on going to Meredith Manor for college (needless to say, I’m mucho excited).

Anyway, I just started up a blog on Tumblr about our equine friends, and I’m planning on giving out the password to some of you, if you’re interested in becoming an admin.

Let me know! We’ll have to chat a bit beforehand, of course :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You might want to look into Meredith Manor just a little bit more, or do a search on this forum for it. Sorry, but I felt compelled to say something.

Good luck on your blog!

I agree with Kwill, they do not have a good reputation, great marketing but poor training.

This must be a joke. You’re going to give a bunch of strangers your tumblr password so they can blog for you? ?:confused:

Please do a search on here regarding MM…

Also do a search on going to college for horses. Mucho bad idea.