Horse Board within 1/2 Hour of Plymouth Meeting, PA?

I’m looking for recommendations on finding a place to board two Morgan geldings (No vices) no more than 1/2 hour from Plymouth Meeting, PA in any direction. Ideally, it would be partial board, with the boys turned out most of the time, but having stalls in the event of an issue. The barn doesn’t have to be fancy (although, at my age a bathroom on site is probably a good idea), just well kept, good care, large fields for turnout, and trail access . . . all for around $500/month. (Now you see my problem!) :slight_smile:

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance.

This is a national, if not international board. You need to put your state in the title. You can do this, I think, by clicking edit post, then click advanced.

Thank you! This was my first post!

Radnor is only about ~15 minutes from Plymouth Meeting. The barns in that area are expensive, but there are lots of small backyard-type places around that might work for you. I occasionally see some pop up on craigslist, and you might try contacting the pony club to see if anyone there knows of anything.

To be clear- are you looking for $500/ month each or total for the two? I can think of several places further out towards West Chester, Coatesville, etc that might work, but depending on where exactly you are those might be a little further than 30 min. Feel free to PM me if you’d consider going a bit further out- I have a friend with openings at a private barn- great care, plenty of turnout, trail access, but a tad more than what you might want to spend).