Horse Boarding Cary/Apex, NC

Hello everybody,

We are relocating our family, including our horse, to the Cary/Apex area of North Carolina. We are completely new to the area and need your help!

I am looking for a boarding facility with good turnout, small to medium size, not overly competitive, friendly atmosphere with dressage and show jumping facilities.

Does anybody out there have any recommendations or advice?

I am not sure about any place that has both dressage and jumping at the same facility. However, for jumpers there is Apex Equestrian (rider just won the Duke Classic), dressage there is Becky Blickslager(sp?) that is finishing a covered arena, Dawn Weniger at First View Farm (very low key, turn out, nice folks). There are many others. Visit NCDCTA website for a more complete listing of farms/ trainers in the area.

Good luck! It is a GREAT place to live:)