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Horse Boarding near Parker, CO

Hi there!

I’m looking for a new boarding facility for myself and a couple others in the Parker, Colorado area. I’ve done lots of searching online, but found very little that matches what we are all looking for. Does anyone know of any places that meet the following criteria?

  • Indoor and outdoor arena
  • Heated barn
  • Turnout
  • Has a staff
  • NO training program required / can use own trainer
  • Available jumps
  • Someone living on site

We are all adults looking for a safe, drama-free environment where our horses can thrive. Doesn’t have to be in Parker, but preferably between Castle Rock and Aurora.

Thanks in advance for anything you might know of!

Try chja.org and/or rmds.org for potential barns.

Also there is a FACEBOOK group for Front Range Equestrians and Colorado Horse Forum to potential places.

Your requirement: NO training program required / can use own trainer

is likely to restrict where you can go.

Best wishes A friend just did such a search.


Your requirement: NO training program required / can use own trainer

is likely to restrict where you can go.

Yeah, that is the real killer. Thanks for your response, I’ll check those sites out. :slight_smile:

I’m also thinking heated barn might be a bit dicey as well.

I found more barns that were not heated than were.

You could try Mile High Horse Ranch in Parker – the turnout situation may not be what you are looking for, but I believe they are open to outside trainers (may have to pay a fee). I don’t recall if their barn is heated.

Good luck!

Hard to find heated barn. There is Mariah Farms in Castle Rock, All in Stables in Castle Rock, and Hart 2 Heart in Parker. I believe none of those require being in a program. There are a few in Elizabeth, but that would be out of your area.

Thank you for the leads, I’ll look into them!

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Hi Verasyn I was wondering where you ended up? I have mostly the same needs and was looking for a new boarding situation. Any advice is much appreciated?

Hey LK. I actually ended up getting my own place for the horses. Nothing fit the bill (I miss the east coast…). I don’t have an indoor, but it beats having horses mishandled. I’ve heard good things about Summer Haven stables in Elizabeth from acquaintances and my farrier, but don’t have first hand experience as it came into being after I moved.