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Horse Boots for Trails with Burrs

Most of our trails are well maintained paths in the woods, and even so somehow we manage to pick up an ungodly about of burrs, or sometimes foxtails. I’m considering just going without boots, but then I think all this burrs are just going to be rubbing my horse’s leg. Any recommendations on boots that won’t pick up so much stickers? They need to be ok for the occasional creek crossing.

(I usually have fleeceless bell boots but they ripped, know I need to get a new pair! But as I said, we were riding on a trail that I didn’t expect to have so many stickers)

Also wanted to add, horse is a thin skinned Thoroughbred that tends to get a disproportionately warm and puffy leg from very minor scrapes, and also has a fairly large surgical scar I am trying to protect. So that is why I generally put boots on him.

Maybe try some leather ones? https://www.vtosaddlery.com/product/CEWG.htm

You will have to clean and condition them afterward though.


You could buy Velcro that covers the entire site, then cut out where the straps go. Thus the whole leg is velcroed up.
Meh, sounds like it defeats the purpose. Sorry.

I think leather is the only way to go. I’m not sure what else you can use.

Are you looking for full coverage boots like shown in your pic or just something to protect from a misstep?

My older guy went in neoprene splint boots in the front and ankle boots behind and I rarely had issues with cling-ons.

Leather is probably the only option, but maybe try plain woof boots first

I’ve been using Woof! My boots are over 5 years old and I didn’t used to have this problem, I don’t know if the plants are changing with the different weather pattern we’ve been having, or maybe the boots are worn/pilled and things just stick more.
I want to try the ProChoice 2xcool but they look similar on the outside and I don’t want to spend the money and still have the same problem.

Oh, I can answer that one for you… One giant sticky water absorbing PITA. I used them twice on marathon day (CDE) and sold them.

I didn’t go through any kind of sand burrs or similar stuff, but I could tell they would be a mess if I did. It was the saggy, soaked sand filled mess after 2 water hazards that finished me off. I think they are best left to arena sports!

Ah darn, thanks for sharing!