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Horse brakes out the gates upward

Hello world, I have a 7 year old quarter horse, gelding who has been braking out the gates in an upward direction more then a straight forward manner. Any suggestions on how I can improve him? Any bit recommendation? I was thinking a shadow roll could help too. Thank you peers

If he were mine, I would start his gate training over from scratch. He has learned how to do it wrong. Now you need to teach him how to do it correctly.

Start by walking him calmly through an open gate. When he’s good at that, let him stand in a closed gate, then walk out when it opens. When that’s fine, have him stand, then trot out. Then canter out, etc. With each step, don’t move on to the next until he’s able to break calmly and forwardly.


Some times that is caused by the horse breaking so hard the ground gives under it.
Jockeys should know how to handle that so the horse doesn’t break so hard.
Ask around who is good at teaching a horse to break easier.
Your trainer should know several jockeys or exercise riders that would help your horse.

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It is quite possible too,that the jockey has a tight hold on the reins, and releases a second too later, producing a semi rear.

This produces a braking effect rather than a proper break.


Im will begin working with him as you mention. It makes sense. Thank you