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Of the various Henneke Body Condition Scoring charts around, I think this one is the clearest. Unlike most, it has sample profiles from the rear. (The current version on KER’s own site no longer has the rear profiles.)

Well I am in the middle of the EPM battle as well. 5 yr old APHA mare, that in August tested with SAG titers of 8,4,8…she’d been being treated for several months for a severe ear infection with SMZ. She’s never had any neuro signs, slight head tilt and twitch from time to time, but 100% stable on her feet. Have had her on Marquis, gastrogard, 10,000 IUI of Vitamin E and 10,000 mg of MSM for 5 weeks now, re-did her blood work yesterday. SAG came back higher, now she’s has a 16,4, 32 (one 1, 5 and 6). So I am switching to Oroquin 10.

On the various issues with pet horse and the common diseases affecting them. For an average pet owner, horses are notoriously difficult to read. But for those who spend their time caring for them, something as simple as an awkward stance can indicate a problem. Regular hoof maintenance is one of the most important aspects of quality equine care. Clip your horse’s hooves regularly. This prevents ingrown hooves and may prevent swelling. Keep a pick nearby to pick out caked dirt or debris and look for signs of pain or distress.

That’s a joke isn’t it ?

Ulcers! They’ll Give You Ulcers!

A handy-dandy link to all things ulcer!

Thrush home remedies

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Equine Cushing’s Disease- Pergolide vs Pergolide Mesylate vs Prascend

Our pharmacy gets a lot of questions about Cushing’s treatments and the differences between Pergolide USP, Pergolide Mesylate USP, and Prascend. Here is the explanations of the treatments:
Pergolide USP: Sometimes called Pergolide base. It is Pharmaceutical grade Pergolide that comes in a powder form of the salt Pergolide Mesylate USP. To calculate the amount of Pergolide USP you divide the weight of Pergolide Mesylate by 1.305.
Pergolide Mesylate: The salt form of Pergolide that has a molecular weight of 1.305 times that of Pergolide USP. Compounding pharmacies typically list their dosing in Pergolide Mesylate USP.
Prascend: Prascend is branded Pergolide tablet manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim. Each tablet contains 1mg of Pergolide USP in the form of Pergolide Mesylate USP 1.305mg.
If you are switching between Prascend and a compounded Pergolide, you will need to convert between Pergolide Mesylate and Prascend.
1 Prascend Tablet = 1.305mg Pergolide Mesylate
2 Prascend Tablets = 2.61mg Pergolide Mesylate
3 Prascend Tablets = 3.915 Pergolide Mesylate etc.

I hope this helps answer questions you have about Pergolide, Pergolide Mesylate and Prascend. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me through COH or by phone.


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This is wonderful idea


Osteoarthritis is caused by “wear and tear” over a number of years, most usually in those horses that have had regular “hard work”. Below are some tips to reduce the likeliness of arthritis in your horse.

  • Take time warming up and cooling down after exercise
  • Ride on varied surfaces not too much on hard ground or very deep surfaces
  • Monitor your horses weight, obesity increases pressure on the joints

Many times when I am wondering something, I search Google and COTH results are discovered. Since the forum change, the links rendered in Google search results, however, do not connect. Instead of being taken to the actual link I can see previewed in my google results, I am just taken to the list of various forums. Will this change?

This has been answered in the thread you started asking the same question. I will answer again anyway in case someone else wonders and does not see your other thread.

This is a known issue and is on the list of things to be dealt with.

If you look in the technical help section of the forum you will see lots of things being discussed there.