Horse DNA Results

I did Texas A&M’s DNA test for my mare who I have hardly any background on. Thoughts? It’s only letting me add one photo, I’ll try to add more in a comment.

Is she gaited?

PS she’s lovely.


The results can be deceiving. I did the DNA test on a rescue mare I bought. The first result was Turkoman, which is a breed found today only in parts of Iran. It is considered the progenitor of most modern breeds, so it could mean anything. The other results are also supicious as those breeds are not common here.

It’s best to look at the phylogenetic tree to see more common breeds that are related to breeds listed in your results. For example, the two gaited breeds are closely related to the Peruvian Paso, so that’s a better bet. The Turkoman result could very well be Arab.


I don’t think the paso gait is dominant, so she could well be a cross. There is a breeder here locally, and the horse’s are quite small, and similar in look. They are a “hot” but sensible breed from what I have seen. Sturdy despite being petite.

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She is cute! Her results deepen my resolve that these ancestry tests for both animals and people are not accurate at all.

I don’t doubt she has some Paso in her but the other 2 breeds??? I wouldn’t waste any more time, effort or money.

Just enjoy her :slight_smile:


I knew I’d have to take the results with a grain of salt, but $55 was cheap (relatively, compared to the dog DNA tests) so I figured why not! Especially since we know next to nothing about her already.

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I know. My mom and her sister did those ancestry tests and they came back completely different…
We know for a fact my grandma wasn’t fooling around :sweat_smile:

I wonder if she has some pony breed or Quarter Pony in her? With her height it has got to be small. PasoFino horses are what , in the14 hands range?

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LOL to grandma.

Paso Finos are 13-15 hands per google. I have no experience with them!

I have none either. I didn’t realize they came so small.

Sweet little face.

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I did one on my guy. The Clydesdale/Shire/Connemara. I think it was Connemara, I cannot find the paper now. LOL


She’s adorable! She reminds me of a pony I had that was a morgan cross.

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DNA breed testing for horses is 100% unreliable. Horses aren’t like dogs who have identifiable breed genetic markers. Horses share too much ancestry. One exception may be the Spanish Mustang, though I’m not positive on that.

I don’t “see” Paso, though that doesn’t mean that’s not part of the mix. She could easily be a QH mix, maybe some Morgan or Arabian in there, some Welsh or other pony breed.


Or a handful :rofl: I did one for kicks too, and it told me this was an American Saddlebred. I just laughed and said “I don’t think that’s it.” The other two Warmblood options for him were far more likely. But your little lady is adorable either way!


Well, we know which part is Clydesdale. Those feet. My goodness!


whatever he is hes stunning

Thank you. I sold him last spring, so he is now the world’s fanciest-moving backyard family horse. :rofl: Showing off required too much effort.


The ancestry stuff is neat to think about, but it doesn’t seem to be anything other than a novelty for horses. A Mustang might come back with some fun answers. They’re frequently small but mighty. You mare looks like a handy little Mustang, but maybe that’s because I just like them. Plus, her color. That is a classic Mustang color.

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she’s so CUTE! Well put together as well. Maybe a touch of Morgan in there?

the DNA stuff on horses is worthless, unfortunately. This pony of my instructor’s came back with all sorts of gaited stuff, TB, KMH, just a bunch of everything and she’s 100% not gaited and 100% gorgeous. She has everyone asking if she’s a German Riding Pony. Nope, She’s out of Bessemer AL by Trailer.