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Horse Escapes At Turfway Park

Horse and rider are o.k.

I suppose he wants a different career. :wink:

Sounds like he wants to be a jumper!!:eek:

I just watched the replay of that race and have to wonder if Joe the Catfish was afraid of the very WHITE horse racing inside of him. My filly is afraid of grey or white horses and will often wheel when she sees one coming toward her on the track during training. Glad he and the rider are ok.


Wow, that is one WHITE horse. Video wasn’t up earlier when I posted.

When I brought my gray home, my other horses (bays) acted like the devil himself had moved in.
It took a while of pasturing them next to each other before everything was “kosher”.

Love the way Joe The Catfish scooted out from under the rider. Very athletic.
Yup, jumper. :lol:

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Love the name!


I didn’t see a video. Is there another link?

There’s a video in the link, you just have to wait for it to load.

Accidentally came across this post and guess what- I’m the current owner of Joe! He now goes by Solo (like Han Solo). The first day I brought him home we turned him out in the paddock and he immediately went and jumped the fence. :joy: But he’s been an AMAZING horse and such a good boy. We mostly do Dressage and jump a little!Just thought everyone might like an update. He’s also the best little baby sitter :heart:! Our Instagram is lyndzbetheq if anyone wants to follow his story.

Screenshot_20240205_142013_Instagram|400x499 IMG_0244-Enhanced-NR|357x500 .


Thanks for that cheerful update. I hope you have many years together (and more updates),


Wonderful update and gorgeous picture! :star_struck: If I used instagram I’d follow his adventures but I don’t so I’m glad you posted here.