Horse favoring left front leg

My 12 year old mare is slightly favoring her front left leg. She will occasionally put it a ways out in front of her when she is eating or grazing. And when I pick up her front right leg to clean the hoof, she will shift her weight around as if trying to get her left leg more supported before picking up her right leg. She is not lame or limping at all. There is no swelling in her leg and she shows no reaction when I press on her left shoulder, leg, or the sole of her foot. This has been going on for about a month. Any ideas?

Shifting it out in front of her could be what’s called pointing, which can be an indication of discomfort. Abnormal stance can also be an early indicator of issues before more obvious lameness becomes apparent.

I’d check in with your vet. A physical exam, balance films to see what the internal structures of her feet/sole depth, etc. look like, and maybe imaging to check for arthritic changes would be possible next steps.



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