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Horse fly bite or bee sting?

Any suggestions for managing this? I was bitten on my knee. Took an antihistamine (Zyrtec) last night. This morning my knee is very swollen and it hurts with every step. Skin is very red and hot to the touch.

It was either a horse fly, or deer fly. Possibly a wasp but it didn’t hurt that bad at the time.

I tried Diclofenac cream. Maybe try Benadryl cream next? Any other ideas for nasty bug bites? Usually I don’t swell this badly, although I was bitten on my hand once and it tripled in size for about 3 days…

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Skin very red and hot to the touch might be cellulitis, which is an ER visit. If the red outline is growing–use a marker and trace the edges so you can monitor–don’t delay and go in for antibiotics.


Hospital for a look! My old trainer got a wasp sting a few years ago….no allergies, and ended up with an infection after a reaction that sounded like yours! They put her on a portable IV for about a week as it had started turning septic I believe, and the swelling was crazy! Never hurts to be on the safe side and get it properly checked just in case……best case they give you a shot of anti histamine and send you on your way (better safe than sorry)


Right now I still think it’s an allergy. My feet can swell up just from ant bites. I carry an EpiPen for a reason! If it gets any worse I will go in.

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Yes definitely an allergy. I had to take Zyrtec (H1 blocker) and famotidine (H2 blocker) and prednisolone and that finally pulled the swelling down. Woke up this morning without all the swelling. Even if it still itches, at least it’s improving and not an infection.

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