Horse gets tongue over the bit

Hi. My horse gets his tongue over the bit a lot sometimes 3 times a ride. Now I am riding him in a rubber French link bit with a tight flash. I don’t want any severe bits or attachments that could hurt him. His previous owners abused his mouth so he is very sensitive in the mouth. If you have any bit suggestions or attachments that are gentle please let me know.

You can tie up the bit or use a W.

Try different snaffle bits and nosebands. I’ve met some horses who fight to get their tongue over the bit if they have a flash on, but don’t with a plain old noseband. Also make sure the bit and bridle are fitting correctly.

A tongue bit may work for you. It is still mild, but has a plate so the horse can’t get its tongue over the bit.

I would advise loosening the flash, because a lot of horses do get annoyed by a tight flash and begin to fight it.

You might also try a baucher bit; it tends to be a quieter bit in the horse’s mouth and that may make him happier as well.

Finally, if the horse’s teeth haven’t been floated in the last 6 months, you might have that done, and make sure that the vet/dentist has a good look at the horse’s mouth for any problems.

One other point: if the bit you’re using is really a (black) rubber bit, and not a plastic bit, then the bit may simply be too fat for the horse’s mouth, especially when combined with a tight flash.

And one final point: if you don’t want to use a baucher, you can go with a full cheek with keepers. It will have a very similar feel for the horse.

This was a terrible habit my TB gelding had. I found a rubber mullen mouth worked for him. I never had a problem using that bit.

Some horses fiddle excessively with the multi part mouthpieces because they are uncomfortable, sometimes it’s pinching or pressing on the tongue, others are really trying to spit it out, had one I swear was afraid of the movement in his mouth. some hate them. Fiddle or try to push it out enough and they’ll get the tongue over.

When you get into rubber or Happy mouths, it’s easy to put a mouthpiece that’s just just too big or thick for their mouths…especially with TBs and others with more refined heads and shallower mouths. They can’t carry it comfortably .

Tightening the flash can just make them mad/upset if they are trying to tell you the bit is uncomfortable for them…that tightened flash is punishing them. Better ways to deal with the problem then crank their mouths closed and force compliance to what you think is a bit they will go well but they hate.

Try bits with fewer moving parts, like a Mullen mouth or something solid with a port for tongue relief, Mylar Comfort Snaffle for example. Also experiment with hanging it one hole higher or lower in the mouth. Experiment.

But all of my fussers liked a non jointed mouthpiece far better then the multi part ones they would not stay quiet mouthed in.