Horse name ideas!

So I’m possibly getting a new rope horse and his registered name is “eyes two lucky” and I wanna find a fun/unique barn name for him! Any ideas?

Color, markings and parent names?

Just found his pedigree. By eyes on dude out of ima lucky dena. Grandparents: eyes on red, reds lady dudette, Hiyus lucky joe, ima dena Jack

Two Eyed Jack family. Lucky is pretty tired as a barn name but gambling references and famous gamblers would work.

Maverick, the gambler, not the jet jock, Mav or even Ricky for short.

I like Hickock ( For Wild Bill and his dead mans hand)

Doc Holiday. Either Doc or Holiday but I like Doc here.

Something like these. He is a good-looking charmer, congrats.

his does look a lot like Two Eyed Jack…orse-history-/

George —In a casino, George is the gambler who tips the dealer.

Kicker — In poker, a high ranking card that doesn’t mix with the other cards in hand to create a Flush or a Straight.

if over 17h, Pat — A Pat hand is of 17 or better in Blackjack

if not a winner… just call him Pigeon — A gambler sure to lose all of their money, regardless of how much luck they have, due to their naivete and/or lack of intelligence.

if very cunning… Shark — An experienced player (veteran) who acts like a newbie, in an attempt to hustle other players.…rms-and-slang/

Kenny, Kenny Rogers The Gambler.

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Supposed to be bad luck to change an animal’s name if you know it. Last friend that did it, horse busted his leg lunging…

I was always told that bad luck regarding ‘changing a name’ had to do with changing the name of a boat, not a horse.

I always heard horse. Superstition either way… But.

Only horse I had extensive bad luck with in 50 years was one that did NOT get a name change. Generally keep the barn name but, half the time, they did not come with one or it was unsuitable. As in bad taste, childish, one was even my exhusbands name and a couple of times a change was suggested by my boarding barns at the time as they had multiple similar looking horses with the same barn name.

You dont need to change the name to create bad luck with any horse, they come with a tendency to create it all by themselves.

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If you change a horse’s name, he may or not break a leg tomorrow.

If you don’t change the name, he may or not break a leg tomorrow.


A horse’s chances of breaking a leg tomorrow are truly not influences by what we do about it’s name.

That is a lovely, handsome looking horse.

One reason to keep same name or picking a similar one is, does he know his name?

If his current barn name is nice and suits him, why not keep it or alter it enough to suit?

If thinking there is a better name for him, after looking at his pedigree and not finding anything we like, asking here generally brings many interesting choices.

My first thought was, don’t know why, “Atlas”:

I wonder if maybe asking in the Off Course forum, more eyes on this, you would get more answers?

If he doesn’t have a barn name now that you can live with, why not give it a few days of being around him. We’ve only had maybe one horse that came with a name, all the others found a name and then another, and another… 😉

FYI - I am not changing his name. Looking for a barn name

I’m pretty boring. I’d probably call him Lucky.

Or maybe Joe.

Sam (Lariat Sam, long-ago cartoon cowboy whose horse was named Tippy Toes)