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Horse needs grass pasture with no access to hay in Virginia !

Since my excellent barn owner in Fredericksburg VA managed to build hay huts in the fields and stock them with really nice round bales, my horse developed a dental problem that requires a soft diet (no hay!) at least for now. So we are in search of that elusive pasture that has enough grass to supply his forage ration and doesn’t get hay put out in it. There are a couple of nice options in Beaverdam I will most likely take one of those… But if anyone knows of anything closer to Fxburg I would love to hear about them. Field board w run-in, feeding 2x day and friends.

I’m giving the horse strict instructions to keep his grazing muzzle on and stay away from the round bales…ha ha !! If I spend an hour taping up the muzzle it takes him an hour to get it off - at least he is keeping his mind occupied! Plus, he can still get some hay past the muzzle and the small hole hay nets…

Why don’t you feed him a complete feed like soaked Purina Equine Senior, and turn him out in a pasture that doesn’t have hay? It is hard to find winter pasture in Northern VA that will meet his need for forage.

What about soaked hay cubes?

I am 1 hours from F’burg in Maryland, and my lush pastures are no longer able to support a horse. Yes, the grass is there, but it has no nutritional value after the hard freezes we have had. It isn’t growing…

that’s going to be hard to find in January, I’m afraid. I would look into hay cubes or the like… good luck!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, much appreciated. We will go south an hour, and keep up the soaked hay pellets while he entertains himself on the frozen grass :slight_smile: