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Horse People and Group C Strep Infections

For the second time in the past four years, I’m being treated for a Group C strep infection.

I feel like this is undoubtedly because I’m a lifelong horse owner, but also has me wondering if it’s truly the infectious agent or if it’s just part of my normal bacteria flora.

I’m curious if other horse people have experienced Group C strep positives.

Years ago I worked in a clinical microbiology lab. We saw a fair number of group C streps, but they weren’t tied to horses. It’s probably just part of your normal flora, but the question is why does it flare up?


Good to know. I keep hearing “it’s not common but it can be a normal part of your flora.”

As to why it flares up :woman_shrugging:

First time landed me in the hospital, but it was post-partum. This time around it was a persistent sore throat and ear infection that was attributed to an URI that never never turned into a typical URI.

May be just a coincidence.

I used to get strep C every spring until I was in my early 30’s. No antibiotic was working that last year so my dr sent me to en ENT. It turns out I had a slightly deviated septum and bad allergies. He put me on a nasal spray with steroids, Claritin with a decongestant and it cleared up finally. I never got strep again following his protocol.

Interesting @Bogey2! Thanks for sharing.

My first one wasn’t respiratory, so I don’t think my issue is allergy based. :woman_shrugging:

It’s only been twice so this could be nothing but coincidence.

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I mean strep zoo is a commensal (pathobiont really) in nearly all horses so it wouldn’t suprise me if we can acquire it from horses.

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