Horse Pilot breeches

Hello all!
I am really curious about the Horse Pilot breeches, namely the X-Design breeches. The Tack Hack has some and I am on the fence about trying them. For reference, I am curvier. Usually 32 breeches, sometimes 34. The majority of my extra weight is in the form of a spare tire around my waist and in my hips/butt. I don’t want something see through and I want something flattering. I’m also considering the Tack Hack track and pace breeches.

Any input is appreciated!

No experience with these brands, but I will be following as a fellow spare tire owner, LOL.

If you’re looking for random recs, I really love the Free Ride breeches and tights with compression. Affordable and hold in all the bits I need to have held in (although I am not as in love with their winter breeches). ETA; their winter breeches are great as far as warmth, but lack compression and have a lower rise. I feel fatter and less comfortable in them.


I have 2 pairs of the Horse Pilots, which I love. I’m not sure what style, though. I wear a 26 in TS and the sales person was sure I would be a small in the Horse Pilot but it was impossible for me to close the waist (I have a mature waistline…) so I had to size up. The mediums fit well and are very comfortable.

Edited to add: They’re the X-Design style.

I wear a 32 in Tailored Sportsman comfortably and take a Large in the Horse Pilot. The waist is quite snug, despite the elastic panel in the back- I would say they have a lot of give, but the waist is not at all sized generously. Otherwise, they are lovely and incredibly comfortable.

Thanks, everyone!

I found a pair of X-Design breeches on closeout for $160. So I decided to try them. I figure if I hate them, I can resell them.

I have been curious about Horse Pilot breeches as well. I’m usually a size 28, occasionally 30 if they’re cut for a more straight up and down build. My big problem is a small waist compared to hips- if they fit in the hips/butt, they gap at the waist. Someone recommended Horse Pilot to me for the narrow fitting waist you all are describing. But I have no idea if I would be a medium or a large, and I can’t seem to find a helpful size chart anywhere. If anyone has any insight, I’d appreciate it!

I used this size chart. :slight_smile:

That is EXACTLY what I needed and have never been able to find. Their site always gave me one of those size recommendation engines based on height and weight. Thank you!

I’m not sure what design of horse pilot I have but I’m curvier and I love mine! I got mine on sale (as normally they’re ridiculously way too expensive) and I’ve had these for about 4 years!

This is very encouraging! My body just isn’t the same after having 2 kids. I am optimistic that these will be my new favorites and if not, I’ll pass them along so they can be someone else’s. The ones I got are green and it looks like a really pretty shade, I’m just not a green girl usually. I have one pair of green breeches currently (Horse Grand Prix in Scarab Green), so not sure I needed another green pair, but the price was right.

I’m also a size 28 or 30 and the medium Horse Pilot breeches fit me well.