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Horse quality Alfalfa hay available

Horse quality Alfalfa, Timothy, Bermuda, Orchard Hay available in Stockton, 95206. round and square bales. 65lb,100lb, 950lb bales. Pickup / possible deliveries and we can provide help unloading and stacking if the hay barn has easy and close access for unloading. text/call for a quote. (205) 202-9745

Hmmmm - same Alabama phone number as before. Please do your homework before you send anybody money.

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Is it a scam Susan?

I don’t know for sure but to me it is highly suspicious to have the same Alabama phone number and reference Stockton, California. Could be possible though. Is that a California zip code? Looks like a new name. The old ad required you to prepay and I would be curious if this ad requires it too.

I bet somebody could find that same photo on the internet if they have better skills than I do. After talking to the infamous “Frank” on the phone a number of years back (but not giving him any money) I am suspicious of hay ads that feel wonky. So many scammers out there and Craig’s List has these same sort of ads running again.

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Thank you! I agree.

my biggest red flag is round bales in California, very rare

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